Friday, August 15, 2014

If You Really Want to Unhinge People

I had lost the link about play but found it again. This is from Stuart Brown:

"Though a fellow psychiatrist, my background and years of review of the individual histories of not only homicidal males, but also highly productive individuals leads me to the following opinion that does not question the wisdom of Dr. Friedman, but may add an additional preventive strategy.

"All of the mass murderers, from Whitman at UT (not ostensibly mentally ill) through Newtown to the present horrors in Isla Vista and the UCSB campus seem to have one common theme among other factors, which at first glance may seem irrelevant. That theme is major play deprivation, and the additional experiences of powerlessness, humiliation (imagined or real) practice with weaponry, and a deep sense of vengeance, again, imagined or real. The signs of potential violent, potentially antisocial and depressive outpourings were evident from preschool onward, and were manifested in the absence or aberrance of normal give and take play behaviors. In none of those I have personal studied, was authentic play remediation professionally provided.

"A close look at the biology and neuroscience of play reveals it to be a fundamental survival aspect of all social mammals, with measurable negative consequences in controlled laboratory settings that limit or deter animal play behavior. The linkages from the objective findings in animal play deprivation to the clinical findings in humans is, as yet unproven. However, the subcortical physiology and anatomy is similar, and the inability of play deprived animals to deter aggression, or to socialize comfortably with fellow pack members is demonstrable. The remediation of these socialization deficits in the animals by inclusion of play in developmentally appropriate forms reveals the effectiveness of play as a means of achieving more social normalcy and non-violent alternatives in the playful social mammal domains.

"So the point of this blog is that by identifying aberrant or absent play capabilities EARLY, and in pre-school or elementary school settings remediating these deficits, even if the child has some “hard’ signs of future mental illness may well prevent what will later become a brooding, hardened personal private pact to kill and to die."

What's he pointing out is that if you really want to unhinge people from reality, humiliate them and take all the fun out of life. Replace it with humiliation and guilt.

In fact, installing humiliation and guilt is used to destroy cultures. We're supposed to be ashamed of Dead White Male Slave Owners, "patriarchy," oppression of minorities du jour, "racism," "sexism," and a whole bunch of other crap.

I don't feel guilty or ashamed about any of those things. They're not my problem. The people trying to make me and everything guilty and ashamed - those are the ones with the problems. They're trying to humiliate people, make them feel ashamed, and ultimately erase the culture.

The best way to do this is humiliate and shame the men through their women, whom you elevate by appealing to her hubris and envy.

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell

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