Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Feminists demand place at comic-con then scream sexism"

What the hell are these women trying to do? Change comic-book nerd culture? They don't even like these guys, since they consider them creepy.

I know enough about the history of comics to know the men who created the most famous characters were a bunch of unpopular geeks who were projecting their fantasies of power and popularity.

I'm sure nerds and geeks pretty much invented everything. I'm also sure it goes back to prehistory. Unfortunately these guys tend to be the least popular with women.

As Cory Panshin writes, "No matter what people may think, geekishness did not spring into being with the invention of the computer. There have always been geeks among us. Johannes Keplar and Isaac Newton and all the other inventors of modern physics were geeks. The medieval philosophers who eagerly debated how many angels could dance on the head of a pin were far less interested in the spiritual capabilities of angels than in the proto-quantum-mechanical question of whether there was any limit to the number of immaterial objects that could be packed into a given space. Imhotep, who designed the first Egyptian pyramid, was a geek of such outstanding abilities that he came to be worshipped as a god after his death. We will never know how many other craftsman gods and culture heroes in the many pantheons of Earth were also deified geeks.

"Most of the greatest artists, musicians, and philosophers have been geeks as well. If they succeed well enough at their art, they are likely to be adopted retroactively into the ranks of ordinary folk and portrayed in the movies by the pretty people of Hollywood. But anybody who takes the trouble to find out about their awkward childhoods, their obsessive concern with detail, or their uneasy relationships with their fellows will know them for what they really were."

The guy who made the video gets it. Men create/invent/discover/build, women don't (because they can't), then want men to change things to suit them. Where men always go, women follow.

One thing I do is hang out at cigar stores. We smoke cigars there and play cards and various games. Once a woman walked into the store (her husband was buying a cigar) and she coughed and walked out. I just smiled.


Robert What? said...

"She coughed and walked out."

Bob, pure idle curiosity: do you see the rare woman who actually enjoys the ambiance of the cigar store (with no intent to make it more "female friendly")? Are there even women who smoke cigars?

Unknown said...

I've never seen a woman at a cigar store who stayed there. It actually is an all-male place. And I have been in a lot of them.

Strangely, many of the younger guys are ex-military.

Robert What? said...

That's good to know that we have at least one last recluse left: primarily because women don't want to be a part of it.