Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Simple Mind

I try to take complex phenomena and reduce it to as simple as I can. It makes it easier to understand.

Take the difference between men and women - or maybe I should say the masculine and feminine. The masculine has always been consider the rational, the assertive, the protecting, the providing, the creating, the discovering, the inventing.

The feminine as always been consider the passive, the receptive, the emotional, the supporting, the nurturing.

Each, of course, can go bad.

The simplest phrase I have encountered to explain these things has been the concept of Yin and Yang. Yang is masculine and Yin is feminine: "Yang protects Yin and Yin nurtures Yang.

So what happens if men stop protecting women and women stop nurturing men? Oh boy.

Just look around you. When men stop protecting they go PUA or MGTOW. Fight or flight.

And women? Women are never going to attain all of those masculine virtues. It's not their nature, no matter how much they delude themselves. As a result women will always be 100% dependent on men. These days they can either marry men or marry the State. "Strong and independent," indeed.

Imagine if the most essential men didn't go to work tomorrow - say those who supply the power and power? Societal collapse in a few hours.

If society did collapse it would be men who got it online, not women.

What corrupts the masculine and feminine more than anything else? The interference of government. And more than anything else, bad government is about money and power.

It'd be amusing to see these things taught in school. "Sorry, girls, if men didn't provide for and protect you, you couldn't do it on your own. As the humorist P.J. O'Rourke once wrote, without men civilization would last until the next oil change."


Anonymous said...

“Just look around you. When men stop protecting they go PUA or MGTOW. Fight or flight.”

Personally, I see MGTOW as both flight and fight. The “fight” is passive resistance, which is often the best kind of resistance. Why? Who are you going to attack? Some guy that doesn’t want to get destroyed through relationships with women? It can be done, but not without greater control through ever more powerful misandric laws.

The “flight” part of MGTOW is the ultimate expression of fight. How’s that? MGTOW withhold from women that which they desire most. What’s that? Provision and protection. Why are women and white knights so eager to enact misandric laws and increase female entitlements through government provision (in the billions of dollars annually)? Cause men are a disposable resource and women make the babies. If you can’t extract men’s wealth through the misandric family court, you can certainly extract men’s wealth through taxes and increasingly misandric laws. How? Obamacare is one good example (and Obamacare is a tax). Another good example is to make men so afraid of relationships with women (AKA: Yes Means Yes), that the only relatively safe way they can obtain sex is through marriage (which sets them up for life destruction through divorce). Pretty brilliant strategy if you ask me. Misandrists (feminists and white knights aren’t dumb).

I see PUAs as the masters of female pedastalizaion. PUAs try to get inside women’s heads to get inside their vaginas. PUAs are obsessed with succumbing to their base desires. MGTOW have evolved from that superficial existence (thanks to porn and the sexual revolution).

Unknown said...

That's a very good, thoughtful post!

Anonymous said...

"That's a very good, thoughtful post!"

Thanks, Mr. Wallace. I always find myself thinking of your posts in the same regard. Your posts lead me to independent and critical thinking. Thanks much for that.

Take The Red Pill said...

It is really ironic that women have made themselves so toxic that the more that men interact with them, the more that men realize that they want to have less and less to do with them. Also consider the fact that there was no such thing as MGTOW before misandric feminism.

Anonymous said...

"Take The Red Pill said...

It is really ironic that women have made themselves so toxic...Also consider the fact that there was no such thing as MGTOW before misandric feminism."

As far as I see it, misandric feminism gave birth to MGTOW. Misandric feminism killed the golden goose. MGTOW are some very, very wise and self-defining beings. What an insightful and thought provoking bunch they are.

I stumbled across the MGTOW mindset in 2010 and have been amazed by their growth since that time. Many a genius exists in their ranks. Never before have I been lucky enough to come across suck a large group of enlightened and articulate men.

I feel fortunate to count myself one of them.

MGTOW are men that got "it" right.