Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"The Hypoagency Scam Women Use To Manipulate Men"

Many women try to pretend they're "strong and independent" except when physical strength comes into play. Then they want to call the cops. It's weird - they pretend they're superior or else inferior, with nothing in-between. If women were treated exactly as men they would, as we said when I was growing up, flip their lids. In other words, "gender equality" can never happen.

This is from the site The Black Pill.

"A lot of you have already seen this video where Whoopi Goldberg points out that a woman shouldn’t hit a man and expect that a man won’t hit back. The other women in the video are aghast at what Whoopi Goldberg is saying. There’s an acronym for this, DHMIAG, or “don’t hit me I’m a girl”. What’s missing from that acronym is the second part, “but I can hit men because I’m a girl”.

"This is an example of how women use hypoagency, the idea that women are never actors but only acted upon, to manipulate men. Hypoagency is also tied to women being 'weaker' than men. In the DHMIAG example, there are two things going on. First, if a woman hits a man it’s assumed to be a man’s fault. The woman is only reacting to what the man did so he 'deserved' it. Second, the man isn’t supposed to hit back, that is engage in self defense, against women because it was somehow his fault that she hit him. Third, the man isn’t supposed to hit back because the women is basically equivalent a child or a pet.

"hen described in this fashion, it sounds pretty demeaning to women in theory. Yet, women across the political spectrum from liberal feminists to conservative traditionalists argue in favor of women having hypoagency. Supposedly, this means that women are treated as 'inferior', but in reality that isn’t the case. On the feminist side, this shows up in lobbying the government for special treatment (affirmative action, transfer payments that only go to women etc.) since women are supposedly in a 'weaker' position, yet women get all this free stuff. This was what the Hobby Lobby case was all about. Women are supposedly incapable of getting their own birth control so employers have to pay for it. It’s using 'weakness' as an attempt to get free stuff.

"n the traditionalist side, it’s even more obvious. In traditional Christian churches, for example, it is taught that women are the 'weaker vessel' and are 'inferior' to men. What ends up happening is that the church says that men are supposed to 'lead' but if women sin, then it’s all the fault of a man (typically a husband) for failing to lead. Even though women are supposedly in an 'inferior' position in church, women conveniently are exempt from all responsibility and accountability. This is why women are the biggest defenders of traditionalism.

"While in the DHMIAG example women have the equivalent status of a child or a pet, it’s important to remember that most people treat children and pets very well. And it’s not like women are treated like children or pets all the time. Women can move back between child/pet and independent adult status as is convenient for them. And that’s how all these examples work regardless of whether it’s on the feminist or the traditionalist side of the political spectrum.

"Women know that most men are honorable so that men will instinctively defend those they perceive as weak. So women present themselves as 'weak' to manipulate men into giving them whatever woman want. Women use our honorable nature against us in a very insidious and evil manner.

"Anytime you hear a woman arguing for their 'inferiority' or 'weakness' in some area, it’s an attempt to manipulate you. The thing to remember is that women have political power so even though men are on average stronger than women, for example, it doesn’t matter. Political power trumps all, but part of the hypoagency scam is to distract you from that.'

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