Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Women Who Make a Lot of Money Are Going To Be In For a Big Surprise

I had a girlfriend who made $120,000 a year (not surprisingly, she worked for the feds). The money didn't mean anything to me. On vacation I wanted to go camping outdoors but she wanted to stay at expensive motels. Whatever.

I told her, imagine being outdoors under the stars with a fire I built. No dice. It left her cold. So we stayed in a $100 a might hotel.

I also knew a man who had been an officer in the Army and when he got out got an M.S. in something; I have forgotten what. He worked for the feds. When he checked the promotion board there were eight white women, one black one, and one Hispanic one. No men whatsoever. He said he and friend just stared at it and said nothing.

I also have a friend who loves the law and wanted to be a law professor. The dean told him, forget it, you stand no chance because you're a white man.

Not only is the economy lousy, it's made worse by the fact Affirmative Action means "White Men Need Not Apply."

So what's going to happen when all these women making a lot of money look around for a man to marry?

For one thing, she's going to run into guys who are gold-diggers, who can't make a decent living anymore, so they have given up and will settle for a woman making a lot of money instead of marrying for love.

I'm sure these high-paying women never saw that coming.

The story is that men aren't attracted to women making a lot of money. They're aren't, not for love. But to have a place to stay and something to eat, yes.

I guess these women thought they were going to have an "equal" relationship. You know, he makes as much as she does. But the very rare guy who does make lots of money isn't going to waste his time with some go-getter female. Who the hell needs that?

When it comes right down to it, you want a relationship that's fun, one that you can engage in play. How many of these career-oriented women are playful? Overwhelmingly, they aren't.

And when you've got some guy turned into a gold-digger because his job prospects have been devastated, how much fun is he going to be when he has to marry a woman because otherwise he might be living in a studio apartment and taking the bus to work?

Things have gotten switched around. It used to be men who worried about gold-diggers. Now it's some women who are suspicious - and shocked! But isn't this what so many women wanted - to be treated like a man?

Again: I'll bet these women didn't expect this.


Anonymous said...

I've a female friend who makes big bucks. I feel the same as you: big whoop. But to her, it's the ultimate status symbol: strong, independent woman who's made her mark, by God!

But who notices her 'status'?

As you noted, the men who need money. She cannot grasp that her money has no bearing on their feelings for her, as she, of course, has no interest in understanding the motivations of men; only that they recognize her 'status,' thus she is heartbroken time and again.

At this point, I find it more sad with each passing week, how lost women in the West are and, by extension, the men. The West is shooting itself in the foot over and again.

Glen Filthie said...

My wife and I had another blow out.

Her company was just bought out by their former competitors. She has been there less than a week and was just offered a supposedly peachy management position.

She was ecstatic until she saw my smirk. I told her there is only two reasons she would get an offer like that: affirmative action, or they were selling her a bill of goods and the job was actually a turd-burger. She was furious, but I stuck to my guns.
They ignored the senior people at her own old company, they ignored their own senior people at their own company - just to offer her that job? Pull my other finger, boys, it has bells on it.
HAR HAR HAR! The more she thought about it, the angrier she got and she agreed that I probably had the right of it - and she refused the promotion. The new company managers were flabbergasted.
It will be interesting to see what shakes out. I told her to polish up her resume.

sth_txs said...

Yeah, no more 'career' woman BS for me either. On one hand, I'm glad the one I dated could do more than spread their legs but some of the other stuff is too much sometimes.