Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Women Are "Hypergamous," But Not in the Way You Think

Women are ruled by their feelings. Now think what that really means. For one, they are a lot more impulsive than men.

The myth is that men are physically promiscuous in order to spread their seed far and wide, while women are monogamous to lock down a guy to provide for her children. It's all Evo-Psych nonsense, and I knew that by the time I was 18.

The truth is that men are emotionally romantic, and monogamous in that way, and woman are promiscuous - both emotionally and physically. Men tend to be emotionally monogamous, hence the belief in the "one and only." One of the purposes of civilization is to keep women's emotional and sexual promiscuity in check because it can destroy society, and it's why monogamous marriage is the only one that works.

Women don't choose the "best men" to have sex with so they'll have "better" kids. Men do that with women. That's why it's so easy for a man to tell if a woman is high-quality, at least physically. It's much harder for a woman.

When women are allowed complete sexual freedom they don't make a beeline for those non-existent "alphas." They'll have sex with any guy they find halfway attractive. Again, at their worst, they are physically and EMOTIONALLY promiscuous - and, again, that is why women are more liable to destroy society than men. That's why those stories about Kali and Eve and Pandora and Lilith exist.

Every physically promiscuous woman I've known has also been emotionally promiscuous. The two go together.

When I was 20 years old I met a 18-year-old on the bus. He was good-natured and stupid. He was joining the Army because he had gotten three girls pregnant - two sisters and their cousin. He was no "Alpha," just the way all these skinny lower-class guys with pregnant obese girlfriends with three kids are not "Alphas."

I am no "Alpha." In high school I looked like Garth Algar, which I have written before. Yet I had 13, 14 and 15-year-old girls after me, ones who wanted to sleep with me. How could that be if I was not an "Alpha" and was instead a goofball? It's simple. They liked me emotionally - for a while - and then went to some other guy.

Samuel Johnson once wrote that "Nature hath given women so much power the law wisely gives them little." The law has forgotten that, as have many men.

Women are emotionally "hypergamous." They'll go with the guy who makes feel the best - for a while, until the feeling goes away. That's why they are called "fickle" and why Schopenhauer called them "big children."

Look at it this way: think of all the romance novels women read.

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