Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Comments on Ferguson MO and Places Like It

From Freedom4um:

"This is just a response to an article about Indy that I read not long ago. It holds true and is done by design. This is St.Louis not to many years from now.

"Here is my 'Rebel's Guide to the Collapse of an American City.' This applies to every city everywhere in the U.S.:

"1. Court orders schools desegregated;

"2. Crime and violence increase in schools;

"3. First wave of white flight takes place;

"4. White flight results in increased percentage of Africans in the schools;

"5. Africans gain confidence as numbers increase and begin agitating for special black treatment in schools. Black dances, black student government, black counselors, liaisons, ombudsmen, etc. to deal with 'black concerns';

"6. Second wave of white flight takes place;

"7. Sell-off from white property owners to Africans takes place as property values start to plunge;

"8. Violence increases in the schools and neighborhoods as Africans become the majority;

"9. As the violence escalates, Africans blame white racism among police and local government and demand black officers and a black Police Chief who 'understands' the black community.

"10. The city appoints an African Police Chief in hopes that the violence will begin to subside as a result.*

"11. Violence explodes under the incompetence of the black Police Chief who invariably looks the other way and dabbles in trendy, expensive programs that avoid dealing with the actual black violence problem;

"12. The final wave of white flight takes place. After this, the only whites who remain are the Grand Torino-like, stubborn old people;

"13. African political control is cemented and an African mayor is elected;

"14. The city descends into chaos under a majority black city government and spirals into filth, poverty, disease, crime and bankruptcy.

"15. Whites without children gentrify 5% of the city, normally a historic district that attracts artists, gays and grads. NY Times writes an article about how the city is experiencing a comeback without stating the obvious which is that it is only in the white-invested area.

"Indy is near the end. A white democrat mayor is only a temporary condition until a black mayor takes power.

*It's worth noting that the black police chief that Indianapolis hired is from the Baltimore P.D. BALTIMORE. One of the biggest crap holes in America. And, on top of that, his job there was to be the African police agitator. Representing the gripes and complaints of black officers. There were over 1,000 police in Indianapolis they could have chosen to lead the department. Why did they choose a racial instigator from a violent cesspool as Chief? And his 1st job when he came to Indy? Visit with the 10 Point Coalition of angry black pastors. His 2nd job? To testify in court for sentence reduction of a black convicted sex offender. These were his 1ST two actions. And it's been straight down hill from there. Anyone NOT see this coming?"


Anonymous said...

E. Michael Jones wrote about this in his book Slaughter of the Cities. He shows that desegregation and urban renewal were a successful attack on the power of ethnic whites by a coalition of odd bedfellows - Jews, Quakers, other Protestants, each seeking money, power, or destruction. As a matter of record, the main pushers of desegregation culturally and in the courts were Jews.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that sounds like Baltimore. I lived there for awhile and know its problems well. Having black mayors/police chiefs/cops does nothing to calm the violence.

marlon said...

The plan is to corral whites and slaughter them by a hostile culture, decreasing living space, hordes of immigrants, and disarming them.

The question is:
Will whites continue to lie down and die quietly?

The Anti-Gnostic said...

The public sector whites are the last to leave because their hanging on to seniority and vested pensions. Ferguson is in that anomalous period of transition. In the next few years, it will be a black monoculture, and the all-black police force won't bother confronting intoxicated thugs walking in the middle of the deserted, trash-strewn streets.

kurt9 said...

One could speculate in real estate based on the predictable pattern of rise and decline of American cities.