Thursday, August 7, 2014

Women With "Game Girl" Just Mow Guys Down Like Grass

I've met a few girls with amazing Girl Game. They mowed guys down like they were grass. The best one I met in college, and she got me. She didn't mow me down, but she did get me. I knew what women could be by the time I was 12, so I wasn't taken in by her...yet I was fascinated by her.

When a woman knows her game, it's astonishing what she can do. (I remember one who got a wife to snarl at her: "Are you fucking my husband?" She wasn't. By the way, it's almost funny how jealous women are of each other.)

The most talented one I ever met was easy to talk to, attractive, flirted with me (she started it), had a sense of humor, was fairly smart, appreciated me and listened to what I had to say, and was great in bed. She understood me, and I got a great amount of emotional validation from her.

This is from the site Beltwaybangin, written by C.X.Love, and I suggest you read everything there.

Letting the other woman destroy your self esteem

"So, I’ve noticed a common thread with women who have been cheated on…they obviously want to know why their husband ended up in my bed (seriously, my sex skills are amazing) but before even evaluating an affair for what it really is or even letting their husband give them a real answer they seem to think I am better than them…as a fellow female this slightly crushes me…I personally am lucky enough to have the body of a runway model (thanks to an amazing personal trainer, a fairly good idea of what to eat and decent genes) but I’m nothing special…I rarely wear makeup, I am very girlie when I dress but I do not keep my nails done 24-7 and I only hit the salon once a week for my hair….I can tell the few women who have seen me have sized me up immediately and wondered 'ew' why her?' or 'she’s not really more attractive than me, is she?'…the short answer is no, I am not…I am nothing special…I am like every other female, fairly average with a few special talents and honestly most likely nothing like you. So why did your husband pick me? I sadly cannot answer that for EVERYONE but there seem to be some common things I have noticed about men…

"-I am easy to talk to…I think this has to do with my personality (I am EVERYONE’S best friend) but even so I’ve noticed plenty of men have conversations with me that should be saved for their wife…I hear it all from men…fears, problems, daily stress, marriage issues, issues with children, thoughts in general, etc…I’ve asked a few men why they do not speak to their wives about these things and they are quick to say 'she doesn’t understand me' (no one understand men, wtf do they expect?!), 'she’s not as easy to talk to as you are', 'she’s so judgmental' (women, we often want men to listen to us 'just talk' so why don’t we do it for them?), 'I can’t connect with her', etc… This is something to consider women, every long term affair I have ever had has started off as an emotional affair and even if you’re speaking to your husband, are you connecting with him?

"-I am 'fun'and I love to sexually satisfy the man I’m with…I have mastered the art of flirting with men..I enjoy sexy lingerie when men are around…I am a complete freak in bed…these are all things I hear men complain about wives not doing, refusing to do or being so reluctant to do that it would never be enjoyable for a man…I question women who refuse to sexually satisfy their men…I often hear of women putting their husband on sex restrictions or flat out refusing to do things in bed that their husband enjoys…I feel as if these women are setting themselves up to be cheated on…men will be men and I am not advocating turning yourself into someone you’re not to please your husband (he should know the real you anyway) but he should be satisfied and know you find him attractive…this won’t make your relationship “cheat proof” but it’s one less urge he’ll look to other women to fulfill.

"Those are two major reasons it’s easy for me to get married men (and single men when I want them) and this is why it crushes me when women start to questions themselves too much and act as if there is something wrong with them…I would immediately advise wives not to let these thoughts cross your mind…you’re going to beat yourself up and possibly crush your self esteem thinking things that aren’t true…even if your husband has left you for another woman a lot of times it’s because of deeper issues that he had (not you)…

"JTM and I met while I was out running and there was no hiding that he was attracted to me…his wife took the kids on a vacation for a month to visit her parents back home and he immediately saw that as his opportunity to have me over to the house. I looked at plenty of their pictures and even noticed their marriage certificate above their bed and figured that they were a decently happy family. I got the feeling maybe JTM was married to a woman who was slightly controlling, possibly did not give him enough attention or maybe his wife never actually spoke to him (being active duty military and coming from a war zone probably requires professional help but a caring wife probably goes a long way too). JTM started off with slight respect to a certain extent and the first few times we just hung out and talked and had a few drinks…it wasn’t until one night in tears talking to me about a traumatic experience that he kissed me and we had sex on his sofa. After that night he seemed to not be able to get enough of me and often wanted me in the bed he shared with his wife (even I had a slight issue doing that but I got over it) and unfortunately that lead to a pair of my panties being left under their bed. When his wife got back from vacation she found them and seemed to honestly WANT to believe his story of 'I put them there to see if you would trust me' but she dug a bit deeper and contacted me (along with a bunch of her friends who had their own opinions of me). I sucked it up and just told her the truth since he was also on the phone and I saw no further reason to lie to her and she broken down in tears and then talked to me about how disgusted she was that I had done that in her house and in her bed (not that I cared too much how she felt).

"She indirectly kept in contact with me and apologized eventually for the attempted insults and supposedly they repaired their marriage…she told me outside of knowing her husband had cheated she had found my panties and knew that I was so much slimmer than her and also wore sexier clothes than her. She said she had gotten it in her head almost immediately that her husband did not want her because she was fat, couldn’t dress and was most likely bad in bed. I decided to be nice and realistic about the conversations I’d had with her husband and let her know none of that was true and he actually told me how much he loved her and their family quite often. I told her I had seen her pictures and I might have been a smaller size but she wasn’t the unattractive woman she had seemed to paint herself to be in head and that if she was in fact trying to reconcile her marriage those thoughts were useless. She thanked me for speaking with her and apologized again…and begged me to contact her if her husband ever tried to get in contact with me again. I never heard from her again (luckily) and I ignored the random texts from her husband (I figured I didn’t need to let her know about them either I didn’t owe her anything).

"She was the first wife to contact me and let me know how she felt without being too psycho and it has made me realize from that day…women should not belittle themselves…no matter what…"

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