Friday, August 22, 2014

Older Women Who Are Bitter and Hateful - And Sometimes Older Means "21 Years Old"

I've run into a fair number of bitter and hateful women - and some of them have been 21.

The 21-year-olds - and admittedly they are very rare - have usually been unattractive, although they think they are more attractive than they are. They're entitled, and think some handsome guy is just supposed to show up.

I've met some who were decently attractive, but is was always the same - entitled, expecting something more than they can get.

In college I saw a 20-year-old who blew off some guy in her league and then come after me - and I was way out of her league. Not in looks, but in being smart and funny. Since I didn't get involved with her she got hostile toward me. You know - "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." It's true.

Many women think if she wants to go out with him, he should. But if he wants to get involved with her and he doesn't want to, then he's a creep or sexually harassing her. Weird, huh?

I've seen middle-aged women never married or divorced. Most of them are nuts. They are full of hate and anger towards almost all men.

They may have been fairly attractive when younger, but end up pudgy and plain by middle age. Some were very attractive when younger but try to cover it up with make-up and over-dressing.

But they're all nuts.

Actually I have found the easiest way to tell an insane middle-aged woman in that they have become overweight and plain, but have permanently hostile looks on their face. Or else they overdress and put on the make-up with a paint roller.

For the younger ones, pudgy with too much make-up and overdressed is a huge red flag. I started seeing that in college.

But no matter what their age, all had entitled attitudes and expected someone out of their league - and always blamed their failures on men.

So pay attention to the expressions stamped on their faces.


endwatcher said...

It is definitely the face, the scowling, and especially the eyes.

We make things more complicated than they are usually. Pleasant demeanor in all things is probably the best indicator of a decent person to be around if all we got to go by is appearance.

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember a time when the majority of women weren't idiot scum. Or maybe I misremember ;^)

They became swine and then cut their own throats.