Friday, August 22, 2014

Love at First Sight with Superior Women

Only once have I looked at a woman and got that "Pow!" (It does exist.) As soon as I looked at her, I knew she could have been one of the Ones.

She had long red hair, was very striking, and worked in an art gallery. In fact, she spoke to me first. She had looked at me and got that Pow!

I won't go into why I got that Pow! (it's a long story) but boy I would have liked to have kids by her. They would have been something.

There was another time when I didn't get that Pow! until some years later, when I ran across her again. She was smart, funny and charming (something I never noticed in college), had one brother who had an MS in math, and another became an actor, mostly on Broadway, but has also been on a couple of well-known TV programs. Her sister was a jewelry designer.

I would have liked to have had kids by her, too.

Yet there are other women I have met - almost all of them, actually - that I never have kids with. Why? I consider them genetic garbage.

The number of fat, unattractive, stupid women I know....

Supposedly half of what we are is genetic. If that is true, then you only want to have kids by intelligent,nurturing, supportive, appreciative women who come from families that have some kind of accomplishment.

You decide what "accomplished" means. But it certainly doesn't mean fat, ugly and stupid. And it doesn't mean having a "career" and trying to find "Mr Perfect" when you're 30. Maybe it means being a wonderful cook and having the brains to appreciate all the things men have done for women.

In simplest terms you want to increase the good and eliminate the bad. You want to transmit the most and best "capital" you can to the next generation.

I understand why in the past parents had to okay whom their children married. Who wants trash in their family - having Kallikaks and Jukes for kids?

I've seen people marry alcoholics who couldn't make it to work when hungover, and one of their kids became an alcoholic. He apparently inherited the tendency from his father. And both sons were obsessed with motorcycles just like their father.

I'm seeing a lot of dysfunction these days. Genetic dysfunction, really. It's one of the reasons IQs are dropping. Not surprisingly, this was predicted by the movie, Idiocracy.

The dumb are outbreeding the stupid. Pretty soon it's going to be like H.G. Welles' The Time Traveler - the Morlocks attacking and killing the Eloi.

Pretty soon? Oops...


Anonymous said...

Idiocracy is the downside of love matches. Traditional arranged marriages should be the cultural norm or default. People would go for it, as they did for centuries, were it not for persistent Whig propaganda against it.

lowly said...

What do you propose the ugly and/or stupid do about their deficiencies? Exile? Selbstmord? Sterilization?

On a broader front, do you believe in free will? Karma? Are we meat robots, or tabula rasa?

Should the enlightened lookers set up re-education clinics for losers, or ostracize them? What?

Doesn't it appear that intelligence is the actual handicap with regard to reproduction these days, and should therefore breed out of the population?

Anonymous said...

My own solution to the current dys-eugenic tendency is for the K-breeders to cut the r-breeders off without a cent. Also, traditional arranged marriages become the cultural default. More would be a leftist crash program, emphasis on crash.

My opinion only.

Unknown said...

Those impulsive, low-IQ, sometimes criminal r-selected have to go, somehow, or otherwise they will be the death of us.

Anonymous said...

The beautiful red-haired woman you mentioned really affected you. Why aren't you a couple now?