Thursday, August 7, 2014

Homes as a Sign of Collapse

"The bourgie whites live in the hills, blacks on the flat." - Glenn Stephens

My father was a general contractor and I built many a house starting when I was 12. I still have an interest in houses, although I don't build them anymore (I never liked it in the first place).

But I noticed some fascinating things: white people live in the hills, the mountains and the forests, and non-whites don't. This holds across the world.

Whites live in houses open to the world, and non-whites live in closed houses, that is, houses facing in to keep the world out. This "keeping the world out" is associated with inbreeding, so they want to keep out those not of their clan.

Now the disturbing thing about this is that the wealthier whites are now living in gated communities with armed guards to keep out the inbreeding criminals. Think L.A, where the truly wealthy live so far up in the hills no one can get up there without the police getting onto them.

This is going to be the end result of "multicultural": white people insulating themselves from the criminal masses through moving away from them or living in gated communities. And it will be on high, in the hills and mountains, and where there are woods.


outsider said...

The wealthywhites will be sure to unlock the border gates before their final retreat.

Glen Filthie said...

The end result of multiculturalism is going to be race wars.
They might dress it up a bit as a class war too - as a means of giving useful negroes and escape clause. It is almost certain that at some point Barkie and Billary are going to need some distance and protection from the black cretins that voted for them.

Alex said...

I'm not trying to be PC, but obviously the housing choice has to do with safety. If you're iving in Atlanta's slums you're going to bar your windows, reinforce your doors, maybe set some physical traps, etc... Offer that same hoodrat a home overlooking the Newport Beach marian and he'll have not problems with an open house since his safety margin is much higher. Or take Afgans living in the US - their houses are similar to their neighbors, whereas in Kabul they're often mini-fortresses.

Robert What? said...

Interestingly, the wealthy whites living in the gated communities, tend to be die-hard leftists who think you and I should be forced to live with the "vibrants". Just not them.