Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why I Laugh at the Concept of "Alpha"

I have pointed out before I was raised in a not-so-great area. I saw some strange things, like people shooting up in front of me and friends dead from drug overdoses. I hated all that I saw and was desperate to leave.

One thing I found is that I started running across very promiscuous girls in middle school, and definitely by high school when they came after me.

And college? Oh, yes.

By high school I realized their was no rhyme or reason to whom they were attracted. It wasn't "Alphas," that was for sure - for one thing, no one can define what an "Alpha" is. It's purely personal preference.

As for promiscuous girls, the more promiscuous they were the wider the range of guys they slept with. Think whores and porn stars. Two of those girls that I can think of became whores.

During this time, during my teens, as I have mentioned before, I read two books: Black Pimps and Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp.

Later I owned a taxi and ended up working for an escort service at night. I got to know the girls quite well. All of them were not right in their heads. I also knew guys in high school who beat their girlfriends - and the girls stayed with them.

I realized some pretty awful things about certain men and women.

If you want to control a woman it isn't that hard. Those who spend lots of money on books and seminars how to pick up girls or how to be an "Alpha" - you're wasting your money. And those who think women are attracted to "Dark Triad" men - you don't know what the Dark Triad is.

You want to be a "Dark Triad Alpha"? I'll tell you how to do it, based on my experience.

First, you want to target girls as young as you can. Semi-attractive ones best. Tell them what they want to hear. Make sure they are insecure and vulnerable. Woo them with attention and gifts to get them emotionally attached to you (this is called "love bombing").

Then you have to get them addicted to drugs. Make sure they are emotionally shattered, ashamed, disoriented, afraid. Cut them off from their friends.

The next step, if you have to, is to beat them. Don't worry; they'll stay.

You see, this is the real Dark Triad stuff, not the ridiculous fake stuff being fed to you.

Get the girl away from familiar surroundings, disorient her, get emotionally attached to you, get her addicted to drugs, beat her if need be.

The real Dark Triad guys are only interested in power, domination and control. Love? Never heard of it. Hate? Sure.

Were these men and women hedonists? That hasn't been my experience. It had to do with a warped search for love more than anything else.

For that matter, the man who promoted "Alphas" among wolves backtracked later and said they didn't exist. As for "Alphas" among primates, the Alpha male is a child killer and a cannibal. So transferring the concept from animals to humans doesn't work at all. That's why no one can figure out what an "Alpha" is.

What all this stuff is, really, is what cults do to recruit people. You have to use mind control. You have to break them, brainwash them - and these techniques are well-known. Look them up.

Your mind is a weapon - for good, or bad.

Or, best of all, study the techniques the Muslims used in Rotherham. Experts!

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kipling


Gouv said...

Meh, more straw men. When you constantly, directly or indirectly, talk about how you're so much more of a man than Roissy, et. al., it simply reveals your own insecurities. Work on those first, then get back to us with real arguments. Thanks.

little dynamo said...

It was honest, I liked it.

Unknown said...

Gouv is a wimp who knows nothing of life, and if he encountered it, he'd collapse just like Roissy - who is another wimp.

By the way, I've noticed many times that if the only fallacy someone knows is Strawman, they never know what it means.

Gouv said...

^See? This is what I'm talking about. I call him out on beating his chest, and what does he do? He beats his chest some more!

You're as predictable as a Swiss watch, good sir.

And by the way, responding with an ad hominem is no way to win an argument. Now you have another chore on your list: read up on informal logic.

Unknown said...

Ad hominem isn't ad hominem if it's true. But you didn't know that, did you?

By the way, Roissy is a wimp. Any one who says he "loves" women is the kind who can't even get along with an individual woman, just the way people who say they "love" mankind can't get along with their neighbors.

My bet is the love of his life left him and he never got over it. Try "The Memoirs of Casanova" for more details on that.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing ads in the back of comic books when I was a kid, for books and tapes on how to get any woman you want, anytime, by special techniques like hypnosis or something. I always was curious what was in those books and tapes, but kept my money in my pocket even then.

Unknown said...

I was dumb enough as a kid to buy those x-ray glasses to see through women's clothing. They didn't work.

little dynamo said...

The pua/game thing always reminded me of the back of my sixties comics, too. Same game, with lotsa sprinkles on top. I didn't buy the ray-frames but ended up getting a better pair later. :O)

I don't think rossy or roosh or mystery etc has been in a fight their entire lives. Doesn't mean their sites don't have value and don't serve a purpose, however. I wish them well in exposing feminism, and personally. I just don't want them influencing boys and young men to be promiscuous, self-absorbed poosybeggars. Men were not created to become whatever women want. cheers.

Anonymous said...

"My bet is the love of his life left him and he never got over it."

I think he made a vague allusion to something like that once, though I can't remember in what post. Whether the line was autobiographical or not, it was a pretty vivid description of the searing emotional pain of falling hard for a woman and being dumped by her. "Wow- he took that breakup pretty hard," was my thought when I read it.

I've seen a lot of those PUA bloggers use the same kind of rationalization that promiscuous Future Cat Ladies use "Someday, when I'm tired of sleeping around and my looks start to fade, I'll meet the man/woman of my dreams, give up my wicked old ways, and settle down to a happy middle age with The One". A PUA may very well meet the woman of his dreams someday, and when he does, he'll want to settle down and be good to her. When he tries, though, he'll discover that he's no longer capable of anything resembling normal love, fidelity, or honesty. It's like an alcoholic who swears "I'll quit drinking, just after [insert lame excuse of the week]", or the fat man who insists he'll start exercising after New Years' Day.

"I remember seeing ads in the back of comic books when I was a kid, for books and tapes on how to get any woman you want, anytime, by special techniques like hypnosis or something. I always was curious what was in those books and tapes, but kept my money in my pocket even then."

Anything in those courses that might actually be useful can easily be learnt just by borrowing a book about body language from the local library. Supplement this with careful observation of the flirtation scenes in the movies of Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, etc, and that's everything you need to know.

Unknown said...

All the PUAs I've known finally realized they could not love anyone, and their lives collapsed.

I've seen the same thing with very promiscuous women.

This is why the Greeks noticed, thousands of years of years, that hedonists, who devoted their lives to physical pleasure, always become degraded.

People like Roissy, Krauser and Roosh are in for a huge fall, one which they'll never see coming.