Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Garden of Eden, Self-Consciousness, and Good and Bad

I've been struck for a long time about the multiple layers of meaning in the story of the Garden of Eden: shame comes before guilt; men's greatest flaw is listening to envious women; women's greatest sin is envy and pride, evil comes into the world through blaming your problems on other people: envy and pride are the most destructive emotions in the world, women are weaker than men (because the serpent targeted her first) and without self-consciousness there is no sense of good and evil.

Without self-consciousness there is no sense of good and evil. Without self-consciousness there is no thought. Does my dog have any thoughts? No. He has consciousness but no self-consciousness, and he has no abstract thoughts.

Throughout history men have always been the rational (abstract thought), the assertive, the protecting, the providing, those who discover, create, invent, explore. Women are the passive, the receptive, the emotional, the supporting.

What this means - and everyone honest knows this - many women have problems with abstract thought. It's why so many women have problems with understanding economics or political thought - instead they just feel ("I feel it's right, so it must be right").

Speaking of mythology, in it women are the ones who bring evil into the world. Think Eve, think Pandora, think Lilith.

Why do they bring evil into the world? Pride ("You can be like God, knowing good and evil"), envy, being run by the feelings and not their reason and abstract thought.

And because when you get them into a group they turn right into children. For that matter all groups turn into children - there is no such thing as a rational mob. They possess no reason or abstract thought. They lack discernment.

Men created civilization; women are incapable of it. Specifically, men take the fruits of nature and turn them into technological civilization, then women enjoy the results. Now ask yourself what qualities men possess than women almost never do? I just listed them.

I've seen these things and so have you. Women follow the led of other women (their "parents") for good or bad. Usually, unfortunately, these days, for bad.


Robert What? said...

The Garden story has always been, for me, one of the most profound and deep ones in the Bible.

As an aside - the Creation story in the Bible, of all the creation stories world wide I'm aware of, is the only one arguably in sync with our modern knowledge of cosmology.

Unknown said...

The "theory of evolution" is right there in Genesis.

Steve R. said...

i prefer to call it Devolution, the more men listen to women the more they(men) become monkeys.

Unknown said...

Okay, that one made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Garden of Hedon.