Friday, August 15, 2014

Women's Greatest Sins Are Pride and Envy

I've pointed out before I'm not totally rational and am more mythic and intuitive, which is why I pay so much attention to myth.

And as I've also pointed out before, in the story of the Garden of Eden women's greatest flaw is envy, and men's, when it comes to women, is listening to them when what they say is based on envy.

Envy is in fact the basis for feminism and leftism (and feminism is leftist). It's why it wants to destroy men - to bring them down. It's not about equality; it's about destroying men, even if women destroy themselves in the process.

Yet there is more to the myth than just envy. The serpent targets Eve, not Adam, and tells her that she and Adam can be "like God." The serpent targets her Pride.

Her Pride and her Envy! And when someone has that pride, that hubris, no good can come from it.

Carl Jung made the observation that women's greatest sin is thinking she is always right, and she'd never be happy until she gave it up.

I've mentioned this before but there is a one-man play called Defending the Caveman. The creator, Bob Becker, said that while men find women mysterious and are okay with it, women think men are always wrong. He said when he mentioned that during one show, a woman in the audience stood up and screamed, "They ARE wrong!"

To think someone is always wrong is the height of hubris, especially since men created everything in the world, and women, for all practical purposes, nothing.

Society these days unfortunately says this dangerous pride and hubris is actually "self-esteem" and ignores the envy and misdiagnoses it as "justice."

The cure, of course, is to stop listening to women when what they say is based on hubris and envy. St. Paul understood that when he said, "I do not let women teach men or have authority over them. Let them listen quietly."

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