Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I am the "Dissent Right" Part of the Dark Enlightenment

I have been assigned as part of "Dissent Right" of the Dark Enlightenment.

That's actually pretty close. I am "of the Right," if by that you mean someone who believes that civilization is a thin, fragile film of top of a lot of bad human nature, and you should be really careful when laws are passed that politicians have no idea what affect they will have on people.

Dissident? In the sense that I don't believe in the prevailing leftist paradigm? Yes.

I don't believe in multiculturalism, although I have no problem with a few high-quality foreigners moving here.

And I have no problem with picking up the best of other cultures. We'd be stupid not to.

Actually, I have found three things that created the Best of the West;

Minimal government/free market.
European ancestry.

The farther we get from those things, the worse it will be for the West. And ultimately, for the world.


Anonymous said...

I've always said the rise of the West was due to feedback. Politicians get feedback in elections. Businessmen get feedback in the free market. The scientific method is a way of systemizing the feedback of your observations. Unfortunately we don't always like the answer we're given and the effort to ignore that or to put our thumbs on the scale has lead to some bad outcomes for the nations of the West.

Kidolgozott érettségi tételek said...

Ah, I see your point!