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"The Cultural Devastation of and By Feminist Women"

A friend and I, a few days ago, were discussing the number of nutty women we knew, many of whom were diagnosed as "bipolar." And the number we knew on psychiatric drugs for depression and anxiety! My God! Are women that unhappy?

This is from the site The Spearhead and was written by "Zed."

"In 2006, social commentator Nancy Levant came out with a book titled “THE CULTURAL DEVASTATION OF AMERICAN WOMEN: The Strange and Frightening Decline of The American Female (and Her Dreadful Timing).“ In it she said many things that American men had been saying for decades, against very pervasive and systematized resistance to, and denial of, their message. Men’s criticisms had long been dismissed with accusations of 'misogyny' or 'backlashing' or claims that the men were just 'angry' or 'bitter' or 'threatened by losing their power.'

"The social movement of the last half of the 20th Century started out being called 'women’s liberation' but eventually came to be termed '2nd Wave Feminism.' While many who call themselves 'feminists' will point to a dictionary definition of feminism as being about something like 'equal rights for women', their idea of 'equality' always seems rooted in a presumption of victimhood and the pursuit of 'equal rights' always translates into actions taken to seek ever expanding special privileges and entitlements for women. With this as justification, any restriction on women’s behavior is seen as coming from their historic 'oppression' and any validity it might have in protecting other people and the culture as a whole from unrestrained infantile self-indulgence is simply ignored and refuted.

"The result of this has been a couple of generations of women terribly stunted in their emotional development and maturation, and given to the most unbelievable excesses of behavior under the rubric of 'empowerment'. Any observation of this has been attacked by women, feminists, and feminist apologists twisting legitimate criticism of socially destructive and pathological behaviors into ridiculous strawmen arguments like 'wanting to send all women back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.'

"This is what makes Levant’s criticism of the same selfish, excessive, and anti-social behaviors so refreshing.

"“The Cultural Devastation of American Women is a factual investigation into American women’s misunderstanding and abuse of liberation. Levant burrows into the psyches and habits of American women. She exposes over-spending, over-decorating, obsessions with beauty, weight, social climbing, and the hiring of traditional female functions, demonstrating a rejection of biological instincts and behaviors.

"Levant exposes demanding, unreasonable, and incompetent mothers. She delves with brutal frankness into women and marriage, child rearing, divorce, hypochondria, self-absorption, and vanity – challenging the assumption that political feminism liberated women from social bondage.

"The 'social bondage' she mentions is, of course, simply those restraints on impulsive, thoughtless, selfish, behaviors which are necessary to allow people to live together in a civilized manner without destroying each other’s lives. Since the mid-20th century women, as a group, have indeed been freed from having to show any concern at all for the effects of their own actions, and 'choices', on the lives of others – to the extent that the right to terminate the lives of their unborn children remains the flagship issue for feminists.

"Where Levant fails is that she still holds on to the illusion that feminism ever had any other purpose or intent. As a movement and ideology, feminism desperately grasps at the work done by the suffragettes in securing the right to vote for women. Levant dismisses this notion, but puts forth another equally idealistic and unrealistic one given the actual observed behavior of women today.

Many Westernized women took a wrong turn, and particularly so in the United States. American women allowed for the corruption of feminism – the complete and total corruption of feminism – and the results have devastated our nation.

Feminism was not born in the Suffragette Movement. The Suffragettes were women who fought, and mostly with dignity, for the right to vote and higher education. They were not culture-damaging women. They were mothers and wives. They fought for representation and fairness and nothing more. Feminism, as defined by today’s standards, was born during the Sexual Revolution, which was born from widespread recreational drug use by American teenagers. Why no one ever made the connection is beyond me, but that is the truth of the matter. When youths in high schools and colleges were high, widespread sexual activity was the fallout. It’s the same phenomenon as the bar mentality – get drunk and sleep with anybody who is willing. Once American youth were openly sleeping with all their friends, including ones of the same sex, and at the same time under the influence of a one or two decade-long marijuana, cocaine, LSD, hashish, amphetamine party, a mindset kicked in, which perverted the very essence of feminism.

The resulting politicizing of feminism all but destroyed what it means to be a natural and biological female. In fact, feminism became a movement based upon anger, demands, and a demand that women think and believe in a prescribed and documented agenda. Political feminism actually worked to recapture the free will of women. Try disagreeing with a political feminist and discover what a dumb ass your free will has become. Try disagreeing with anything a political feminist has to say about anything.

Feminism is not brute-force politics. With bated breath, I will tell you what feminism is. Feminism is the result of women who feed and grow their spiritual and biological gifts. That is its sole definition.

(Hm. In my entire life I have never met a 'feminist' who fit that definition.)

"But, she does go on from there to lay it on the line –

Many, many contemporary American women are emotional messes. They are pathologically vain, materialistic as clearly demonstrated in their overly decorated, sterile home, and landscaped yards; are grossly self-involved, horrible and mean-spirited mothers and wives, and they are constantly, incessantly, angry and neurotic. American women are shallow. They openly accept television, Hollywood, and magazines as role models for their daughters and themselves. They abuse money and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars annually for beauty regimens, diet supplements, day spas, trinkets, and gym memberships. Many are addicted to a whole array of over-the-counter drugs and beauty aids. This is liberation?

"Unlike Levant, the vast majority of women in feminist countries remain either unaware or in complete denial of the wholesale breakdown in civilized behavior by women. Even with signs everywhere one looks, any attempt to draw attention to the magnitude and pervasiveness of the problem will be met either with the same old denial and personal attacks, or the meaningless dodge 'but NOT ALL women are like that.' The net result has been to provide cover, aid, and succor to a group of women that truly is an enemy to the preservation of a functioning civilization.

Every time the subject comes up, the story is always the same – someone, most often a woman, will attempt to 'kill the messenger' and silence him. However, as time has gone on, the behavior of women has become so outrageous and destructive that even women are starting to take notice – such as the example of Levant, above, or this piece in the Daily Mail in the UK: 'The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness”' by Lucy Taylor -

Us women are more egocentric and narcissistic than we ever used to be, according to extensive research by two leading psychologists.

More of us have huge expectations of ourselves, our lives and everyone in them. We think the universe resolves around us, with a deluded sense of our own fabulousness, and believe we are cleverer, more talented and more attractive than we actually are.

We have trouble accepting criticism and extending empathy because we are so preoccupied with ourselves.

"One bit of insight on the reason for this strange cooperative denial by women, despite the vast amount of evidence right in front of their faces, is referenced in a recent article on the popular men’s website Men’s News Daily – The Making of a Men’s Rights Activist: A Letter to a Departed Friend.

At the conclusion of our discussion, when you finally, and brutally honestly, declared that you didn’t care if women’s advancement meant that men would be treated unequally and unfairly — that they would have to unjustly suffer, even as they would be expected to fully support women’s interests — I was stunned, to say the least. It was a devastating epiphany to realize that you placed the interests of women that you would never know ahead of whatever affection you felt for your own male family and friends – and ahead of any sense of justice. Instead of fairness, justice, and family, you acknowledged that it was all about grabbing power. Perhaps I was na├»ve, and perhaps I overreacted, but to a significant degree, my general affection for women was shattered by what you told me, and was replaced with a sense of wary distrust. My view of women as men’s 'better half' was destroyed. I saw that women were intent on being men’s competitors in a 'winner-take-all' competition.

The writer’s friend, about 30 years ago, obviously had the same inability to extend empathy due to being so preoccupied with herself and the concerns of women. And, it was about this same time (being about the same age as Jay Riggs) that I began to notice that same obsession with self and fundamental disregard for all others among women.

"Against the backdrop of the pervasive cultural mythology that women are the 'relationship experts', and are 'caring and nurturing', this self-centered willingness to exploit anyone while at the same time demanding support from everyone sounds very much like the observation of women made by Florence Nightingale –

Women have no sympathy . . . And my experience of women is almost as large as Europe. And it is so intimate too. Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so. - Florence Nightingale

"Now, recently, we have had a woman here wanting men to write a 'manifesto' about what men want, which she will toss from the rooftops in NYC and DC. And, it somewhat baffled her that her initial suggestion to 'wipe the slate clean' and start over on better terms between men and women was rebuffed in a fairly cold, and sometimes hostile, manner.

"On the one hand, it is difficult to maintain a hard enough heart to hear someone who gives every impression of being completely sincere and reject her message. But, on the other hand, years of experience with women who have made every bit as compelling a pitch, then the moment they got what they wanted turned around and seemed as if they had promptly forgotten that getting what they wanted was viewed by the other person as the beginning and only part of an exchange that would involve some reciprocity on the woman’s part, have made many men skeptical, wary, and distrustful – just like Jay Riggs above.

"My first take at coming up with an answer to what men wanted, and testing the water to see if more women than just her were interested, was titled 'Do Western Women Want Gender Peace?', because after years of one-sided exploitation, and being lied to by women, one non-negotiable demand by men for engaging women again is sincere effort on women’s part to have a relationship based on reciprocity rather than solely on exploitation of the man for her benefit and entertainment.

"But, from the responses by men to the thread, maybe I should have also asked the question – do western men want gender peace with western women? Because, it seems like a lot of men who responded to the question 'what do you want from women?' answered with 'For them to go the hell away and leave me alone.' Sometimes relationships reach a point where they are damaged beyond repair.

"It is quite baffling to a lot of men – at least until their positive view of women is completely destroyed by women’s selfish exploitation – that women seem to be so unwilling to give even the tiniest bit of consideration to the man’s point of view and experiences. Men who post on internet boards, blogs, and discussion lists are well aware of an absolute stone wall of resistance which exists any place women are allowed to be present. And in the face of this it becomes very difficult for a man to believe a woman who seems to be asking to make peace because it comes across as 'why don’t you just forget about everything bad I have ever done to you and start giving me what I want again so that I can keep using you and jerking you around.'

"While 'forgiveness' is a wonderful thing, it can also be a foolish thing when that forgiveness is used for nothing more than an opening to repeat the same exploitive and destructive behaviors. The excessive, neurotic, behaviors discussed by Nancy Levant, and the selfishness and utter comtempt for others discussed by Jay Riggs and Lucy Taylor, have left a trail of wreckage of other people’s lives of unbelievable proportions in its wake. The so-called 'liberation' of women has freed them from all legal and social restraints against destroying people’s lives with their selfishness, so men are left on their own to deal with that."

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