Thursday, August 28, 2014

On the Worst, Most Degraded Nature of Women

When I was 12 I picked up a book, the name of which I cannot remember, that claimed the nature of women (I think it said the feminine) was dependent, passive, emotional, receptive and nurturing. Being 12, it sounded odd to me, but later I found this to be true - for good or bad.

The masculine is the rational, the assertive (I have also found many women aren't too good at abstract thought).

Later, starting at 13, I started encountering the worst nature of women.

I was raised in a not-very-good city. As the years went by, I found women at their worst can be very sexually promiscuous, to the extent of being whores. I found certain conscienceless men could emotionally manipulate them and get them to do what they wanted, including through violence - that's why they are passive and receptive, again for good or bad. And ultimately, they will also do what they're told.

One of my posters mentioned the movie, Taxi Driver (I owned a taxi for five years and been though things you'd barely believe). I knew exactly what he was talking about: the scene where the pimp (played by Harvey Keitel) emotionally manipulates his 12-year-old whore, Iris, by pretending he loves her. (For one thing, he does it through music, just like the modern media.)

I used to work for an escort service at night when I owned a taxi, and got to know some cops. They hate pimps and want them dead or in prison. The one I knew was in prison.

I've mentioned before if you want to truly understand how degraded women (and men) can be, then read the two books I mentioned a few posts ago: Black Pimps and Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp.

Slim mentioned he kept his girls under control though mental and emotional manipulation, and if need be, physical. Let's say he beat them with coat hangers, and I'll leave to your imagination where on their bodies he beat them.

The first time I knew of a man beating his girlfriend was when I was a junior in high school. He beat her with a hairbrush - and she stayed with him.

Years later, I was sitting in my car with my 16-year-old nephew when we both saw a teenage boy about my nephew's age throwing some spectacular abuse at his girlfriend, including every cuss word in the book. ("You fucking whore, you fucking slut, you fuck up everything, I hate you!")

My nephew started to get out of the car, but I grabbed him his bicep and told him, "If you attack him, she will defend him and attack you." He looked at me as if I was nuts and didn't know what I was talking about, but he stopped. Years later, he mentioned that scene to me and told me, "It turns out you were right."

If you let women out from under the control of adult men, the worst aspects of their passive, emotional, dependent nature will come to the front. Which is why I mentioned several times they can either marry men or marry the government. They'll become sluts. They'll let men beat them and abuse them to maintain an emotional relationship (think Fifty Shades of Grey).

And because men don't keep them under control, they end up hating and attacking men and blaming all their problems on them. Think of dogs when they don't know know their place in the pack at home. They can become abusive to the owners ("No one is telling me what to do, so I'm getting very upset!").

The Manosphere, as always, gets things confused, claiming women like "Dark Triad Alphas." No, they don't. These "Dark Triad Alphas" are incapable of love and actually hate women. And the women who get attracted to them hate themselves. That is the worst nature of men and women: hate and anger.

Better yet wrath, which can be self-destructive. These people destroy themselves and destroy society. And the naive praise these people as something admirable?

If you want to understand the worst of people, try memorizing the Seven Deadly Sins.

If you think you can get women by acting like one of those "Dark Triad Alphas," then be prepared to beat the women who are attracted to you. Funny that Roissy and his ilk never write about that. For that matter, you'd better be prepared for these girls to hit you - with a weapon. What are you going to do about that?

I consider myself a "conservative," in the sense that I know that civilization is a thin, fragile film holding down a lot of bad human nature. These days, bizarrely, we see this bad nature as a good thing, and celebrate it in the media - the degradation of art, of all that is Good and True and Beautiful.

Schopenhauer wrote a famous article in which he called women "big children." He had a point then, and still does. Whether you consider them big children, or disobedient puppies, either way, when you let them do what they want, they degrade themselves and culture.


Anonymous said...

From "Taxi Driver" anonymous:

As usual Bob, you are 100% correct. We're about the same age and have both seen shit that so many of these younger, somewhat protected and therefore ignorant "White boy's from the suburbs" haven't seen (except for some brief, detached glimpse on celluloid)that they haven't got a clue. What we have are poseurs following the lead of other poseurs, and God help these clowns when it all falls down.

Unknown said...

And some try to lecture me, thinking I don't know what I'm talking about.

Robert What? said...

Boys and men are for the most part still raised as if we were living in the Victorian era: women are to be treated with respect and deference, they are to be loved, cherished and provided for. Meanwhile girls and women are being raised in the 21st century where they are being taught to compete with men and, when the opportunity arises, take 'em for everything they've got. Eventually the boy/man comes face-to-face with the enormous lies he has been fed his whole life. A few overcome it and deal with the new realities. But some just can't bear the naked truth and retreat into MGOW or instead identify with their oppressors and become gay or "male feminists".

Unknown said...

I've met quite a few guys who get involved with women, but no longer marry them and won't even live with them.

Black Poison Soul said...

When I was younger, I saw a drunken husband outside a bar beating the hell out of his wife. Fists, knees, feet.

When she was being picked up by the ambulance, she was incoherently mumbling: "I'm sorry darling, cuddle me, let me make it up to you."

Unknown said...

"I know you're under a lot of stress, dear. I know you really love me, so I'll be better."