Sunday, August 17, 2014

K-Selection, r-Selection, and Romance

"I suspect that as women are the biologically indispensable sex, almost all high racial IQ women can function according to either r or K paradigm, depending on environmental signals. Thus almost all women are whores, and almost all women would make decent wives." - Koanic Soul

I am critical of a lot of Manosphere concepts because they are simple-minded and because of that, often false. Alpha and Beta, for example.

If you apply r/K selection theory to them...

r is promiscuous, not overly bright, usually has many children but doesn't take care of them. Think rabbits. K is monogamous, smarter, has fewer kids but invests more in them. Think wolves.

"Alphas" (the accepted definition of which is a clinical narcissist) would be r - promiscuous, not very smart, lack romanticism and love, would end up with a lot of children except for birth control...not to mention antibiotics.

"Betas" would be K - monogamous, smarter, believers in romance and love. Because, among humans, you have to love your children to spend all that time and effort raising them. The r-selected would just as soon abort them.

Some, actually many, Mansosphere concepts are based on women being loveless "hypergamous" whores who are only interested in "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux." They are only interested in "resources" and "cash and prizes." To the extent those women exist they are r-selected.

For some reason - immaturity and lack of experience, I guess - much of the Manosphere idealizes not-very-bright r-selected "Alphas," ones apparently incapable of love. And they put down "Betas" as chumps - even though they don't understand what they really are.

That is, monogamous, K-selected, intelligent, believers in patriarchy and natural hierarchies. As Koanic Soul puts it, "K societies develop and enforce fitness-encouraging rules, mores, rituals, codes, cultures. E.g., chivalrous combat, e.g. romantic love."

One thing I have noticed is that the K-selected have romantic feelings before sexual ones. The r-selected, who have mostly sexual feelings, may be incapable of love.

I can remember having romantic feelings at the age of 11, but did have not sexual ones until 12. And I am a believer in monogamy, natural hierarchies, rites and rituals, and chivalry in the original sense - an armed man who will defend the weak and helpless.

You think r-selected "Alphas" would do that? Or would they run in a tough situation?

I have known r-selected "Alphas" who spent their lives seducing women. They were not that bright and very impulsive. And they ruined their lives on reaching middle age.

The K-selected don't even like promiscuity. They may have engaged in it as an experiment, as I have, but they are always capable of having sex with five times as many times as many women as they do. It just doesn't mean anything.

Every promiscuous "Alpha" I have known has been a coward. Bluff and a big mouth, covering up the fact they're as empty as a balloon inside. And the r-selected are parasites who destroy societies.

These Manosphere concepts of "Alpha" and "Beta" will someday go away. It might take a while, but go away they will.


Anonymous said...

To elaborate...I just thought of this...

It's harder to be good at "all five things" because your wife is exposed to a more diverse group of men than any group of women in history:
1. whether looking back at school or currently at work, she was exposed to men from all over the country and world
2. mainstream media and fashion which is always exposing us to the new and exotic.
3. social media which allows her to connect to anyone.

If your wife values athleticism, in the past that meant being handy with farm tools. Now it means you need to compare favorably to a NHL hockey player.

Anonymous said...

bob your a secret liberal arnt you...break it down bob you carnt be a libertarian and a liberal...or can you

Unknown said...

Liberal? You're got to be kidding. Liberals are r-selected...abortion and promiscuity, for two.

Anonymous said...

an armed man who will defend the weak and helpless.

sounds very liberal to me bob

also the correct wording is you've not you're...

before you start picking fault with the rest of the world sort your self out bob

Unknown said...

"an armed man who will defend the weak and helpless."

"sounds very liberal to me bob"

One of the original tenets of chivalry, several hundred years old.

I do not think word (liberal) means what you think it means.

That's from a famous movie. See if you an guess which one.

Anonymous said...

keep up the argument bob its what your best at

Ian Ironwood said...

Nope. Alpha and Beta (and the other Greek letters) are terms-of-art in the Manosphere and Game for a reason: they work to adequately describe the situation. Alpha = factors that inspire sexual arousal, Beta = factors that encourage mating attraction. TWO different things.

Your understanding of Game is very simplistic. I'd encourage you to read more - much more - before criticizing.

Unknown said...

My understanding of "Game" is far in excess of yours, because
I have the whole of history before me and you have modern silliness which you mistake for truth.

By the way, I can guarantee you that if you think "Game" makes any sense then you have had terrible problems with women in your life.

I have not.

Unknown said...

"In general, many men pursue r-strategies because women won't enter a K-relationship with them."

Women, left to their own devices and not under the control of adult men, often turn into sluts. So you get men, who are really more K than r, often getting disgusted at the lack of decent women, so marriage rates collapse, as they are doing now. Many women, as if their wont, blame their problems on men without noticing what they are.