Thursday, July 31, 2014

Women Are the Best Material to Build a Totalitarian Society

"And what excellent material are women for building a totalitarian society! Their capacity for blind faith, self-sacrifice, leader worship and snooping makes them ideal true believers. What a picture: an elite of intellectuals served and guarded by an army of amazons." - Eric Hoffer, Working and Thinking on the Waterfront.

"I'm a half-breed POS Commie and boy are you a bunch of imbeciles!"

Let's be more specific. Many women are of totalitarian/fascist nature, their self-sacrifice is for bad causes, they worship terrible leaders and they snoop on innocent people. In other words, they lack discernment and often can't tell right from wrong.

Not only should 90% of woman not be allowed to vote, single or divorced women should be allowed to vote at all. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Imagine dropping that bomb at a cocktail party. I must say I chuckle at the thought.

Ecgbert said...

Good point. They tend to vote for the handsome candidate who favors totalitarianism. Interestingly, Steve Sailer's noticed that Obama's actually not very pro-feminist. In the Oval Office he's basically one of the guys. Plus in his autobio, unlike real blacks, he doesn't have much affection for his mother (understandable: abandoned him?) or grandmother who raised him. Guess he gets away with it because of affirmative action and being an abortion ghoul. You don't hear of any affairs of his; gentlemen's agreement among the press (affirmative action again) or maybe, like a lot of liberals, he's actually stable and faithful in his marriage, despite his views.