Monday, July 7, 2014

Selfish, Irresponsible, Impulsive, Lying, Thieving....

I have found, just like anyone who pays attention, that if someone lacks a major virtue, they're short on all the rest. For example, contrary to the mythology of the Manosphere, every PUA I've know has been a coward.

I used to work for a guy who was caught getting a BJ on company property. He was cheating on his wife. He was also arrogant and incompetent - and didn't know he was incompetent! It took three or four years for upper management to lateral him out of state. He was arrogant, not very bright, dishonest, disloyal, a cheat, and a backstabber. No surprise there.

When I was 11 years old I had a friend, Sammy. I doubt we were friends six months before things blew up.

I found Sammy was a thief. An impulsive thief. He'd shoplift tiny items out of stores.

I lived in a farmhouse across from a modern suburb (it was the best place I ever lived). Behind this farmhouse were several old barns.

One day Sammy came over and we were setting off firecrackers outside one barn, which was filled with dried straw and a straw bale.

Sammy went inside, threw a baby jar full of rubbing alcohol on the straw, then threw a lit march on it. Whoosh.

I ran inside and began to stomp on the fire and turned the straw bale over and bounced it up and down. Had I been older and stronger, I would have gotten the fire out. If Sammy had helped me, we could have gotten it out. When I ran outside the barn, I saw Sammy flying through people's yards, heading home. I was stunned. He sets a fire, then makes no attempt to put it out and runs away.

The barn and the buildings around burned to the ground, including the outhouse.

He told his parents I set the fire. We were never friends after that.

Sammy was selfish, impulsive, stupid, a liar, and a thief. As has been noticed for thousands of years, if you lack one virtue, you lack in all of them.

Years later Sammy died of alcoholism. I wasn't surprised at all.


Anonymous said...

Doth thou protest too much......Just say'in.

Unknown said...

Meaning what?

Anonymous said...

Meaning your protest are getting receptive, predictive and suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Damn spellcheck..."repetitive" Sorry

Unknown said...

I have to repeat things for simple-minded.