Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Bigger the Mouth the Tinier the Balls

I have pointed out several times the great contempt I have for some of the well-known bloggers in the Manosphere (who, as I also pointed out) are only popular because of their readers).

Let's take the concept of women liking "insanely confident" men. Do tell.

I know a man who was an American mercenary in Rhodesia. Killed a lot of stupid people fighting for the Commie side.

He wasn't "insanely confident." In fact, he was a pretty quiet guy, and after he was done being a mercenary he worked as a head of security. He told me he treated the drug dealers and pimps with respect and he had no problems with any of them. "This side of the street is my territory, and that side is yours. You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine and we will get along just fine."

He once told me before a battle in Rhodesia one guy was bragging ("insane confidence," you know) what a badass he was and how he was going to screw the enemy. Blah, blah, blah.

Yet when the shooting started he flew back to camp and didn't stop running until he got there.

I've noticed this since middle school. The bigger the mouth the less the substance. Or as Sam Spade told Wilmer the Gunsel in The Maltese Falcon, "The gaudier the hood the cheaper the patter."

I am only concerned about the quiet guys. The loudmouths are as empty as balloons on the inside.

The bigger the mouth the tinier the balls.

Talk in not just cheap. It's nothing. Action is what matters.

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