Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Triple Revolution, Followed by Another Triple Revolution

"Good things come in threes" - Old Sayings

I used to read a lot of science fiction from 11 to 14. One I remember vividly was a story by Philip Jose Farmer called "Riders of the Purple Wage." In it he wrote of the Triple Revolution Document, on which his story was based.

So I ordered a copy of it. These days, it's free on the Internet.

This paper was created in 1963, and it was about three "revolutions": the "cybernation" revolution of increasing automation; the weaponry revolution of mutually assured destruction; and the human rights revolution.

We are still having the cybernation revolution and we still have no idea how to handle it. Clueless nerdgeeks cheer fast-food places becoming automated and throwing the 87-IQs out of a job, but contrary to their hallucinations of these people training for better, high-paying jobs, that ain't happening, and ain't gonna happen. These people are going to end up on welfare, permanently (and the document predicted that, too).

In fact this is going to be a huge problem in the not-so-distant future.

So what happens with these people will be, paraphrasing that old Chinese curse, "interesting."

I'm not seeing a weaponry revolution, but I am seeing a misuse of weaponry by the government, especially in its attempt to establish a police state. So what's new? That's the history of government.

I'm not seeing a human rights revolution, either. Yes, people are protesting abuse and repression, but they're always doing that.

The big problem, again, is automating people out of their jobs.

Today, we supposedly have three more "revolutions":

The Internet Revolution the Mobile Revolution, and the Social Network Revolution.

The Internet Revolution "has created new opportunities for people to gather information and communicate in ways that was not possible before. It has also given people the tools to become their own publishers."

The Mobile Revolution has made "our physical separation from each other by time and space less important, by making it possible for people to have access to friends as well as information all the time, no matter where you go."

"The Social Network Revolution "has made us go from socializing in tight groups and changed our relationships to make them, as well as our social worlds, more diverse. It also allows us to move among and between these worlds in an easy way."

Oddly enough, those have been revolutions.

Just think! The knowledge at our fingertips. I find it astonishing. And I'm especially happy to see the self-publishing. And I can find just about everything I want to the internet is seconds.

I have a degree in Mass Communications, and some of the classes were very enlightening. Newspapers are actually written for high-school graduates. The internet is for college graduates, or at least the smart.

The Mainstream Media, then and now, and much worse now, aren't particularly interested in the truth - just propaganda. The internet is far more interested in disseminating the truth. This is the main reason newspaper are dying, and good riddance.

I used to be a newspaper reporter and editor. The biggest newspaper I worked had a publisher who was a MBA from a top five school, and he was a moron.

So good riddance to such fools.

The internet and those two other revolutions are giving power back to the people, where it belongs, and I've loving it. The more the pompous are bought down - those who they are so intellectually and morally superior they believe they hae the right to dictate what people read and the ideas they get - the better it is for everyone.

Now we end another Triple Revolution - the elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank, the elimination of the Police State along with militarized police, and the elimination of 99% of the Federal Government.


rkshanny said...

99%?! Keep reading and learning Bob. You're almost there!

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I'm not seeing a weaponry revolution, but I am seeing a misuse of weaponry by the government, especially in its attempt to establish a police state

This is something you might want to look at. I think that Buk SAM that hit that airliner may have been programmed to just fire at radar blips at certain altitudes. You can enter some commands, then go smoke cigarettes and drink vodka with your buddies while the missile battery fires itself.

For the hoi polloi, propellant and explosives are still tough to get and integrate. But inevitably I think this weaponry gets out there.

Unknown said...

Kinda reminds me of that scene in the second "Aliens" when they had the automatic-fire machine guns with the motion sensors.