Thursday, July 10, 2014

Women as Nurturers - Teachers and Nurses

"YANG protects YIN/YIN nurtures YANG/Together they form a complete whole."

One of my Anonymous posters made the comment that in the past women could be either teachers or nurses or secretaries. That was about it, although I knew an elderly woman who had been a chemist.

My poster also pointed out that in the past smart women had been teachers. Hence, they were good teachers. These days, the smarter women have other fields open to them, so they've left the teaching field, leaving only the stupid and incompetent. And God knows I've seen that, having graduated from a university that was the biggest producers of teachers in my state. I was horrified at the stupidity of the female education students.

And yet, my experience has been women aren't very good in men's fields. Management? Give me a break. Most are horrible. I've mentioned before I've had women insist on me training them, because they wanted nothing to do with the women there. Technically, this might be considered "teaching," but it was also management, because the incompetent women were hired by a female manager - and she was the one what fucked up everything, which I had to fix.

I guess some women thought men had such a wonderful life working that wanted to imitate us. Of course, that means easy, indoor, high-paying jobs. It doesn't mean cab driver or coal miner or logger or carpenter.

And yet, when women move into men's fields (which makes them make-work jobs) and make money, suddenly so many men become unattractive to them, so marriage and birth go down, and the number of hostile crazy cat ladies goes up. To these women, it's men fault this happened to them.

Unfortunately, with women flooding fields for which they are not suited, men have to support their sorry asses - and any man who is honest about this will tell you it is true. And overall wages are forced down, making it impossible for one man to support a family. So it takes two, the kids go to a daycare center and bad public schools, and society collapses more.

Historically women have been nurturers, and in the long run that's what they'll be again. And it will be a better world.

Ask yourself this: what happens when women stop being nurturers? Answer: look around.

"Koyaanisqatsi - a Hopi word for 'unbalanced life.'"


Anonymous said...

There were other fields which were women-dominated, like telephone operators and secretaries/receptionists. I suppose waiting tables would also count.

Anonymous said...

Almost every woman I dated before getting engaged was in some kind of nurturing field- teaching, social work, child care, nursing, etc. Of my close female relatives, nearly all of the pleasant, non-crazy ones are in caring/nurturing professions.

I finally concluded that these jobs are really just taxpayer-subsidized pseudo-motherhood- paying women whose only real desire is to be mothers to act as temporary pretend mothers for other peoples' kids. Feminists tell women they're worthless without a "career", so genuinely feminine women get Uncle Sam to pay them for doing exactly the same kind work they'd enjoy doing as housewives.

Of course, that means that the money has to come out of the paychecks of men, who then can't afford to make real offers of marriage, and the children these women are raising aren't their own, so it's still a terrible system. But these women won't complain, since their immediate emotional need to care and nurture is being more-or-less met.