Monday, July 28, 2014

Public School Shut Down My Brain

I've pointed out before that for all practical purposes I could have dropped out of school in the first grade. Public school was boring and I considered it a prison sentence.

For the other hand, at home and wandering around on weekends, I had a blast.

At school I mostly felt dead; when I was allowed to do what I wanted, I felt alive. I felt in public school I was just a cog in a Machine.

And there was no ADHD was I was a kid. None. One reason, I think, is that after school and on weekends our parents kicked us outside to play. I'm only half-joking there, because they didn't have to kick us outside.

I also found that when we collaborated on things it was a lot more fun. Sometimes, of course, I preferred to work on things myself. But hanging with my smart friends - we got things done.

Turns out that collaboration - two heads is better than one - is what created every "Enlightenment" that ever existed.

Sir Ken Robinson says it better.

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Glen Filthie said...

The public education system is a product of feral mothers, feminists and liberal beta males (call them pussies or manginas if you prefer).
When I was in Junior High there were two teachers and one vice principal (all men) that were worth their salt. They knew how to handle boys. We thought nothing of sneaking up behind them and giving them a cheap shot. They would respond with a half-serious cuff upside the head - just like your dad would. They worked us, they played with us - and didn't take any bullchit. If you were goofing off you got a floor-hockey stick across the ass that hurt like blazes - and served to re-focus your attention.
They all took early retirement. All were asked to stay on 'just a little longer' but all refused. The principal was replaced by a fat, ugly lesbian. I knew her personally and she had some serious personal problems. The teachers were replaced with female union slobs. All left with deep regrets and sorrow - not because they were retiring; but because they felt they were abandoning the kids. Unfortunately the schools these days will not tolerate males - not real ones anyways. They were the last of their breed and they knew it. And today they are all long gone.
I see them from time to time at the rod and gun club and they all have time for me. I was one of their beloved 'problem students'. I ran more miles for punishment than an Olympic athlete. My ass was tanned to a texture on par with 24 oz saddle leather. I ran with the wrong crowd as a kid and they pulled me out of that in the nick of time. I owe them my soul.
You and I had it GOOD, Bob - for the kids today the problems you describe are all ten times worse.