Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Amazing the Number of Women Who Are Zeros to Threes

In college I used work for a pizza place (right across the street from where I lived, so I lived on free pizza for a year) where two of the girls there decided to rate the guys. I was told I got a 7.5. I found the whole thing amusing.

I've never been one to rate girls in that way, but once I tried it as a experiment. I quit very soon, because I was shocked at the number of women who were zeros to threes (most seemed to think they rated much higher and apparently expected Prince Charming to ride in out of nowhere). It was starting to mess with my head.

I was rating women who I thought were attractive (say 20-year-olds) as sixes. Most of the women I were involved in were sevens. Maybe two or three were eights. I knew maybe one nine in college, but I wasn't interested in her.

Admittedly I've encountered some grotesque women. I once quit a place years ago because so many of them were monsters. It was unbearable to deal with huge, fat, unpleasant, ugly women.

Do you understand how that rating system can mess your head up? When you suddenly realize most women are about fives at their best?

It's one of the reasons I know most of the guys in the Manosphere are immature - liars. Bragging about the "smoking hot" women they got - "hard 9s." Nope, I don't think so.

I started running across this lying and bragging in high school. "I fucked this chick, I fucked that chick." No, you didn't. The guys who got woman never bragged, in fact rarely talked about them. I was the same way. Bragging is not what men do, especially when they are clearly lying. They're just embarrassing themselves.

Of course, since there are so many morons in the Manosphere I know what they are thinking before they know what they're thinking: "Just because you get 0-3 women doesn't mean I do. Just last week I got this smoking hot 9..." Mentally masturbate all you want. I don't believe you.

By the way, all the PUAs I've known, the kind who got over a hundred woman, targeted the zero to threes because they were easy to lay.

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