Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Exactly Do Men "Owe" Women?

"The best way to understand this outrage is to realize that marriage, family and community have ceased to exist in the traditional sense for many millions of Americans." - the Thinking Housewife

Men created everything in the world and women take it for granted and think they are entitled to it - for free. Many men think that, too, unfortunately. And they are never grateful or appreciative.

So the question is raised: what do women owe men?

For one, they are supposed to support men. I don't mean economically, but they are supposed to be appreciate and grateful, which they are not.

They are supposed to be good wives and mothers. That's kinda rare these days.

It's supposed to be a two-way street, not a one-way. It's supposed to be a relationship.

When men aren't getting from women want they are supposed to, they will cease to support women and there will be no economic surplus. Men will start to make enough to support themselves and no one else.

When men don't get Wife, Home, Children and a High-Paying Job, then sooner or later it is all over.

This is from the site, "The Black Pill," over there on your right.

"Mark Plus asked a good question.

"'I have a question after I heard about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision:

"'Why do women scold the Elliot Rodgers of the world that they have no right to sexual fulfillment, but we can’t say anything of the sort to the women who demand contraceptives?'

"Mark Plus has a point. Women accuse men of feeling entitled to sex with women, but the reality is that women are full of entitlement. Women think they’re entitled to free contraception (paid for by men whether its their male employers or via government assistance) and men’s wallets in general. Women think they’re entitled to husbands when they decide they want to get married and divorce where they get half or more of a man’s assets when they no longer feel like being married. Women even think they’re entitled to sex. You just don’t notice it most of the time because they don’t want to have sex with most men, but they quickly get violent when a man they want refuses to have sex with them. As you can see from that link, women also feel entitled to use violence against men while denouncing 'violence against women'.

"When a woman accuses a man of entitlement its just really projection on her part. Women think they’re to entitled to anything a man has including his body. In reality, men owe women absolutely nothing. If women want contraception or anything else, they can work to pay for it themselves without government assistance like the supposedly adult humans they claim to be."


Anonymous said...

Just a few years ago, outraged Washington politicians lamented that a few professional athletes had been injecting themselves with artificial hormones, in order to succeed in their highly-competitive careers. Now, many of those same politicians want every woman in America to have the option to ingest artificial hormones, for purely recreational reasons.

One substance produces artificial masculinity, while the other produces artificial sterility and the sexual revolution. Thus, one is banned while the other is subsidized and aggressively marketed, even to women who neither need it nor want it.

James said...

"Men created everything in the world and women take it for granted and think they are entitled to it - for free."

You are only half right here Bob. Yes women take things for granted and think they are entitled to it.

But you can't claim the accomplishments of great men for yourself. The ones who created things, created things, it says nothing about your own ability to create things in the world. Your ability is judged separately and on an individual basis.

Because most inventors and creators were men, doesn't mean that most men today aren't worthless sacks of sh!t who contribute nothing meaningful to society. Men riding on the virtue of other men is the same as women trying to do the same. And that's feminism Bob.

TroperA said...

The argument that I hear a lot of women make about the Hobby Lobby decision (and why they feel the government/employers should provide free contraception to women) is that "It's what's best for society!" That's how they justify the transfer of wealth from men to women. Of course it would be equally good for society if lonely, unmotivated men got free and regular access to sex, but you won't hear the women raising a peep about that...