Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I Am For A Certain Kind of Immigration

When I was in college I knew guys who were utterly unpopular - they spent weekends sitting in their rooms watching TV. Yet at the same time I knew women who had no dates because they sat there like bumps on a log and expected Prince Charming to appear out of nowhere and sweep them off their feet.

I wondered more than once how men and women were supposed to met each other, get married and have kids.

I sometimes had this fantasy of feminine foreign women, from Asia and certain parts of Europe and South America, being imported into my college.

The American girls would have had seizures. All the guys they ignored suddenly had girlfriends - and they ended up ignored. Even though they didn't want these guys they still didn't want other women to have them. Weird. What is this - some kind of envy of foreign women? They'd insult and try to ostracize men who preferred foreign women.

It's basic economics, you know.

With excess women men's value goes up. Plus the most unpleasant American women are crowded out of the market. Think of a sort of reverse Gresham's Law: "Good women drive out the bad."

Of course, if this did happen, American women would throw a fit and demand the government deport these women and never allow anymore in.

I've never investigated it, but I'll bet there are women throwing conniption fits about these foreign-bride sites, claiming the women are being exploited by creepy (read lonely) men who have given up on American women, and yet at the same time, they're claiming these foreign women are mercenaries seeking only a green card. Apparently in these women's minds there is no good whatsoever about these foreign women.

Now if you were to import a bunch of foreign men, many American women would claim they're better than American men. Again, weird.

Actually I'd like to see one foreign woman imported for each American woman deported. It'll never happen, but it was be fun wouldn't it?


Will S. said...

What kind of circumstances could lead to an American-born woman ending up deported, and where would such go? I thought if you're born in the U.S., you can't be sent away...

BTW, your hunch is right; I've read about feminists trying to ban foreign-bride sites... You know they would, if they could...

Bhruic said...

They had a line about that in Witness for the Prosecution

"You know, I feel sorry for that nice Mr. Vole. And not just because he was arrested, but that wife of his. She must be German. That's what happens when we let our boys cross the Channel. They go crazy. The government should do something about foreign wives. Like an embargo. How else can we take care of our own surplus?"

Luther Burgsvik said...

"I've read about feminists trying to ban foreign-bride sites... You know they would, if they could..."

Yeah that's because women have a tendency to try and monopolise everything. They want to be the centre of the world, hence oppose anyone who threatens their status (like they oppose foreign women and bride sites who threaten their monopoly over sex).