Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Women Are Crazy. Men Are Supid"

"Obviously it was stupid to emancipate women." - Jim's Blog

Recently my niece (who is 33) told me, "Women are crazy and men are stupid." I started laughing. (She thinks her UncleBob is funny but crazy.)

Mostly she's right. One quarter of women are on psychiatric medication. Quite a few think they can "have it all" - how stupid is that?

And men are stupid because they let women get away with what they do. If they weren't stupid they wouldn't allow any of this. Look at what women have done when they get away from the authority of responsible men They destroy everything they touch! There are good reason the myths of Pandora and Eve exist - it's women who bought destruction into the world. And Adam, the original stupid man, listened to Eve.

People are imperfect, just in different way. Women, crazy. Men, stupid.

Stupid is better than crazy. Stupid can sometimes be fixed. Crazy, rarely.

One of the problems is that boys very rarely have mentors, models and mirrors to overcome their stupidity. And women can be none of these things.

I told my niece that as stupid as many men are, they invented everything in the world. She responded, "Women are invented some things, too."

Know what her barely-eight-old son told her? "Nothing like what men have done."

I laughed at that, too.


Anonymous said...

bob ya full of shit read your own posts you say your ok with ambiguity then you quote things from heretical are you stupid or what ...keep up the copy and paste stuff

Unknown said...

Capitals and periods are your friends.

Anonymous said...

got no answer to that have you except to slag of my style of write...

Unknown said...

You're illiterate. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

illiterate lol at least you make me laugh...that might be one thing you can do

Robert What? said...

Bob - re: the stupidity of some men, "Anonymous" has given you the perfect illustration for your post. Very helpful :)