Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When Women Get Involved in Anything, the Pay, the Status and the Quality Goes Down

"The female will always hurtle man into a dark age....her spirit can only generate entropy." - Xavi

When I was in sixth-grade we had a teacher who was a former Marine - the kind of guy with a blond crewcut (I used to wonder how he got it to stand up like that). The boys loved him. He once drew a stick figure on the blackboard with a "third leg." All of us roared. He wouldn't be able to do that today.

Years later I realized he was a model and mentor. The boys desperately wanted him to stay, but he didn't.

A few years ago I read a book - and damn if I can remember what it was - about a young woman, probably about 20, who married some guy and went to teach apparently on the prairie, perhaps in Kansas. She was teaching the kids Latin, history, math, everything.

I wouldn't have minded being a teacher. I mean a real teacher, teaching real subjects and not being interfered with by bureaucrats. But the university I attended was the biggest producers of teachers in the state. They were all women, they were all stupid and ignorant, and none of them should have been allowed to be teachers. I wanted nothing to do with teaching.

Most of the degrees women get aren't degrees at all. Education? Social Work? Worthless. Now if they can get real degrees, or if teaching was made into a real degree, then more power to the women who obtain them. But I suspect 90% couldn't make the grade.

How did teaching go downhill so rapidly? For one thing, too many women. When women move into a field, the pay, the status - and the quality - does down. This is a law of human nature.

Some years ago I was standing outside a school waiting for my nephew. As I stood there I saw a very overweight, hysterical female teacher berate a mother about her six-year-old boy not wanting any black kids attending his birthday party. "I am very upset," she trembled. The kid stood there stone-faced.

It never occurred to her berating the kid and his mother wasn't going to change his attitude, just make it worse. And did it ever occur to her that the black kids were the problem?

"Typical stupid, incompetent, fat, female teacher," I thought.

I have other stories, too, but I won't go into them.

Even when I was a kid most of the female teachers sucked. I got the impression they didn't like boys. I was hit at least three times, including a punch to the gut when I was six. And if they didn't hate boys why are they trying to turn them into little boys with psychiatric medication - trying to create neutered, lost boys without confidence and confidence?

Women cannot models and mentors to boys. They have their abilities and talents, but teaching large numbers of boys is not one of them.


sth_txs said...

In high school, I did have a geometry and algebra teacher I really liked. I believe she had a math degree along with education. One of the few of course, especially at a rural school district. Being a young smartass, I raised my hand, and complemented her on being very smart for a woman teacher.

I also had a couple of good English teachers.

Unknown said...

I hope she smiled at your smartassery.

Glen Filthie said...

There are no real men in the education field left today. NONE.
Call 'em what ya want: beta males, pussies, panty waists...the kind of men who 'teach' today are unionized pooch screwers and entitlement slobs.
At least - that's for the public educators. I still see a few of my old male teachers from the 70's and most bailed out in the 80's as women started trashing the schools and curriculum. Back then the pundits were shocked at all these middle aged men making radical 'career changes'...and I will bet you money half of those were driven by women.
Private schools may still have some merit - but they will not tolerate the education fatties that infest the public schools.

Anonymous said...

Actually, feminism destroyed education, but not in the way you think. Before feminism, working women could get basically three jobs: secretaries, nurses, or teachers. Some phenomenal, smart women went into all three fields. With the whole "You go grrl" mentality smart women are now being pushed to have "real" careers that don't involve children, so the absolute dregs are becoming teachers. Computerization has been able to mask how bad most secretaries -- excuse me, "administrative assistants" -- are at basics like grammar and spelling. Not as familiar with the nursing situation, although if you believe the media reports we aren't producing enough nurses, we keep importing nurses from the Philippines and other places. I assume it's because you can't fake actual medical knowledge and there is a floor to how dumb you can be and still be a nurse. But you can churn out ridiculously stupid teachers because the effects of having dummies teach aren't visible for years.