Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Being Puzzled As An Incentive

"One of the unintended negative effects of feminism upon women (and men) has been a profound sense of abandonment." - the Elusive Wapiti.

There is a picture of me as a baby - I could walk but not talk - pulling the knobs off the TV and looking at them. I know why I was doing it. I was curious.

I'm been curious all my life, which is why I am not the kind to memorize someone else's answers to things. That's why I never fell for the Alpha/Beta/Hypergamy/Dark Triad answers that some believe is the Answer.

What I have noticed recently is that the more intelligent woman are giving up feminist beliefs (smart women in the past never believed in them and in fact were opposed to women having the vote). I don't that mean modern women have been infected with feminism but claim they're not; I mean they thoroughly understand the beliefs and are giving them up. Why?

Perhaps they've seen what it's done to their parents and are now saying, "No thanks." Think of a pendulum: at first it goes one way and then the other.

Everyone seeks meaning, importance and community. Some people think they have it when they don't, and sometimes they don't find that out for years. Women realize it when they become crazy cat ladies (some do, at least) and men realize it when all their conquests are just dust and ashes (of if they are the kind women ignore and ostracize, sometimes they go all Elliot Rodger).

Right now the economy is close to a catastrophe. There are very few good middle-class jobs for men. There are more for "educated" woman, due to Affirmative Action ("White Men Need Not Apply") but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, a lot of women don't want those high-paying careers with the long hours, pace Sheryl Sandberg.

A few months ago I was listening to three women talk about their families. One said, "I really liked being a stay-at-home mom." She appeared to be about 25. I thought, hm.

I have no idea what her husband made, but if he's in the same boat as other men, it couldn't be all that much. Perhaps they decided to cut their materialistic "standard of living."

I know more than one couple who has decided to move into rural trailers and home-school their children, which often consists of taking the kids for nature walks and talking to them about things.

If only I had been raised that way, instead of sitting in ranks and rows in public schools and daydreaming my sentence away.

Not every woman is "hypergamous" and seeking "resources." Some are, yes, but not all of them. The smarter and wiser sure as hell are not.

So what we have with some is that they have decided to place family above materialism. The truly intelligent always have. The kind who can actually weigh alternatives and decide not to go with Mass Man and Mass Woman.

These are the women who understand the economy is going to be bad for a long time, and not only are their husbands not going to have middle-class jobs, but in the long run, neither are they. So they are adjusting to these facts.

Not every man is interested in being a PUA or MGTOW. In fact, they're disgusted by the idea that some men are doing these things. They're kind who put Proverbs and the Seven Deadly Sins over the ideas of the Manosphere every time.

Ultimately, the smart and their ideas end up having the most influence. The Head always end up ruling the Body.

The ideas of the real scholars and the truly religious end up having the most influence, not the ephemeral and and temporary ideas of the fraudulent - no matter how popular they are.

"I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance." - Job 42: 6


Old Broad said...

IMHO, AWALT. That is, all women are hypergamous and seek resources, but wise women keep it in check.

Unknown said...

Just the way I kept in check the fact I could have slept with 35 women.

Old Broad said...

Religion requires such restraint, but even atheist Athol Kay of MMSL considers monogamy a winning strategy. At least, if you're raising kids.

I think of our primal ancestress as a woman who (1) stole seed corn so she and/or her kids could eat, and (2) forsake kith & kin for the victors. So of course it's natural for us to be grabby and fickle.