Thursday, July 31, 2014

Every Date I Ever Had Was A Catastrophe

I have a friend who is about 5'6". He's told me some astonishing things that happened to him in college (I met him in college when we were both 20). Women who insulted him about his height. Ones who stood him up on dates. Ones who left in the middle of dates. Ones who couldn't hide the looks of disappointment when they first saw him.

He's never had a good date in his life. Yet, still, he's a romantic, as most men are. He just doesn't date anymore. He goes from woman to woman, and if they give him any shit he's gone.

Every date I ever had in college was a catastrophe. So I quit, years ago.

The women expected me to ask them out, pay their way - the whole ritual. Yet, not once, did I get any gratitude or appreciation. I gave and got nothing in return. Not even a "thank you." So the hell with them.

I maybe had four dates. That was enough. Instead I just started asking them to my apartment or house and jumping on them. That's all they had to offer.

I see the same thing today. It's why you get the PUA and the MGTOW phenomena (which is nothing new). Women's value to men has declined precipitously. The women don't understand that, since many women blame all their problems on men.

By the way, many PUAs are PUAs because their romantic feelings didn't work out, so what they do now is essentially revenge, which is an attempt to replace feelings of humiliation with pride. I've seen it more than once. And if you want read a famous account of this, try Casanova's Memoirs. His one and only dumped him for another man, and he spent the rest of his life seducing women.

In college I used to wonder how men and women ever got together, got married and had kids. Most of the women sat like bumps on a log and expected Prince Charming to just show up and charm them. I just jumped on them. Most didn't resist.

The women acted like this was a shortage of acceptable men and a surplus of creeps. And yet they never learned to look in the mirror. In reality there was a surplus of overweight stupid women and a decided shortage of friendly approachable women.

Occasionally I look up women I knew in college. It's disturbing the number who are not married and have no children. Instead I see horses and cats (both are major red flags). And many are hostile to men. And my God have I seen that!

I did know a few women who had Girl Game. Friendly and approachable. They mowed the guys down (I was one for one of them). The rest, unfriendly and unapproachable.

And this was decades ago. It appears to be worse now.

Men have an instinct to be protectors and providers. Now it's being thrown in our faces. It was thrown in our faces when I was in college.

Men are supposed to be protectors and women are supposed to be nurturers. And if they are not nurturers, then they become destroyers. So now I'm seeing many women who are destroyers. I started to see it in college.

Men and women are supposed to be a team...that's not happening so much anymore.

Strangely, I never saw this in high school (I had my first "real" date when I had just turned 18 - and it, of course, a catastrophe). Just when I got to college and started running across women who deluded themselves they were getting an "education" - mostly as "teachers."

And the fat women I see today! My God! Overweight, deluding themselves they are "educated," hostile, blaming their problems on men, expecting much and having little to offer...

No wonder the marriage rate is hovering right above 50% and soon might go below. No wonder we're at below replacement rate when it comes to children.

The guys I talk to say "women aren't women anymore." What they mean, mostly, is that they aren't feminine. Just hostile, overweight, entitled. blaming their problems on men...expecting much and offering little...very little.


Anonymous said...

Could these experiences be influenced by where you live? I've had mostly dissapointing dating experiences, but none of the dates openly rude and when they did reject me, they tried to smooth it over by being polite about it and giving me a way of saving face ("You're nice, but I'm too busy for anything ongoing right now"). While you're no doubt speaking the truth, I've never met the kinds of women you write about.

Unknown said...

College in the Midwest, one where women greatly outnumbered the men since there were many education majors.

deti said...

This was mostly my experience in dating in college. But, I didn't see rude and ingrate behavior from women.

Women were just as selective about the men they would date and fuck. (That's even worse now.) But at least when they went on a date with me, they didn't leave in the middle and had the grace and poise to at least say thanks at the end. I got stood up a few times; had girls break dates; had plenty break up with me. I heard "Let's Just Be Friends" many, many times. Could get plenty of first dates, but not too many second ones. But at least most of the girls weren't total bitches.

What's really changed is the entitlement mentality; the lack of gratitude; the narcissism. Fat, bitchy women thinking they are hard 10s, entitled to live the "so many men, so little time" life. Entitled women. Career girls who cannot figure out why their fabulous lives and Louis Vuitton handbags aren't attracting George Clooney lookalikes.

Ras Al Ghul said...

You are correct.

There is no point in dating, if you want them in your life in any way, push for sex immediately.

If you have sex, often you can move to any level of relationship you want, but if you date, the chance of anything diminishes.

Ever point that out to a woman? Their hackles will raise up immediately and they will deny that truth.

The problem with dating (courtship) is that women know they have power until they have sex, and women always abuse power.