Friday, August 8, 2014

If I Could "Design" Society

It would be minimal government that protects life, liberty and property. Everything else would be free market. 98% of the federal government would vaporize.

Women would not be allowed to vote, and the only men who could vote are the ones who had jobs and owned property.

There would be no Federal Reserve Bank, which is a legal counterfeiter.

If there were public schools they would be run by the local school board - but in any case school would not start for kids until they were seven.

Men would be hired over women.

90% of the police would be fired and many of the rest could walk neighborhood patrols.

Democracy would be illegal and this country would be a republic again.

99% of illegal aliens would be expelled.

I would get rid of the office of President.

Boys would have to undergo six-week-long initiation rites to remove them from the Mother and introduce them to Men.

Well, that only took ten minutes and I fixed 99% of society.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were INTJ like me.

The point being even though I could design society, I wouldn't.

Unknown said...

I was joking about "design." It's actually the way things should have evolved. Sometimes it needs a nudge.

A.B. Prosper said...

I generally agree with you though I think both married men women with property and children ought to be able to vote.

People who are medically sterile or had a covenant divorce (with strong cause) might also get the vote.

Non landowners who are decorated vets with a properly declared war might also receive the franchise as a heroes boon

Also if the Presidencies powers can be trimmed, it would be worth keeping the office, but only if.

Otherwise pretty much, yes please

rkshanny said...

Limited or "minimal" government, trimmed presidencies, "designing" free mens' lives, "decorated" government jarhead political-class-contrived-war murderers, "heroes", monopoly-state thug-cops, limited Konstitutional "republic" (sorta like Peoples REPUBLIC Of China, Democratic REPUBLIC of [North] Korea, Democratic REPUBLIC Of Congo, etc.). . . he, he, he! Good luck with that. How is all that limited republic nonsense with all those alleged restraints working out now? Exactly! You let Leviathan's toe in the door even 1%, and that behemoth is gonna come barging right in! Why settle for 99% fixed, when we can get rid of the whole coercive, illegitimate, natural-rights-destroying, statist, collectivist, criminal mess.

sth_txs said...

If truth be told, even the Constitution sucks for the most part and I supported Ron Paul.

Everything the anti-Federalist said would happen has pretty much happened.

One issue people forget is that a Constitutional amendment was needed to create the direct election of senators yet there is no Constitutional amendment to limit the House of Representatives to 435 members.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

It's kind of incredible how much could be sorted out just by not doing something. Race relations - abolish Title VII and let people sort things out on their own. Boom-bust cycles - when banks get over-extended, tell them to file for bankruptcy like everybody else. Sexual equality - just give it up. Men, women and freaks are different; they'll never be equal. Homosexuals used to just be 'eccentrics' and few people hated them until they decided to get in everybody's face.