Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's Really Simple How to Get Women to Have More Babies

Women are not allowed to work or become "educated." They remain under the control of their fathers until they get married, at which times they become under the control of their husbands. And the smart are married to the smart.

It means removing the State and its destructive laws from people. Specifically, it means the destruction of the evil of feminism and female "education" and employment (many women's "jobs" are parasitical make-work ones).

The population would skyrocket.

I'm not saying I believe in doing this, just pointing how to increase the population. I can entertain an idea without agreeing with it.

The way things stand now we're subsidizing the stupid and preventing the smart from reproducing (Lothrop Stoddard called the stupid and hopeless "the Under Man," the kind who have a great influence on goverment policy).

We're incinerating the smart, which means we're incinerating civilization.

It appears we are heading straight into Idiocracy. Or worse.


Glen Filthie said...

There are too many of us already. And, it should be obvious that a massive cull is on the way.

The smart are preparing and will survive. The stupid, with their gaggle of r-selected children, will perish in droves.

James said...

^ That's the stupidest thing I heard.

While we always like to make pretend fantasies that "oh, but we are SMART and it is US who will survive and not those dumb numerous hordes" history has always shown otherwise.

If society collapses it is the numerous and lawless that win. They are good at pillaging, stealing, murdering. Heck throughout history entire armies from almost every continent have been formed by these types of people. They don't even have to be good at it (though they are) just the fact that they outnumber you means they can beat you.

And when society collapses, we revert once again to our tribal form. I'm sure you and your sub 2.0 K-selected offspring will be able to reboot society, under constant raids on your homes and resources by the guys that outnumber you.

Genghis Khan didn't need to invent gunpowder or siege weapons or advanced utilities or resources. He just needed to have a fast horse and a band of brothers to raid and enslave the people to make those stuff. And he completely demolished non-island Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. Only reason his empire collapsed is the power struggle between his sons, and his empire was too spread out in the end. The Roman Empire was collapsed by Germanic Visogoth Hordes, and now Italy is a relative failure of a country despite being the most advanced empire of its time, with scholars, and smart self made men, and Germany is the cream of the crop European nation.

In the event of a societal collapse it is the smart people who are enslaved by the hordes for the resources and skills that they have. Everyone thinks their tower is safe enough if they have enough guns, skills, resources, until the horde looks upon it and takes it from them.

Eventually the horde collapses upon itself, but that usually takes an order of several centuries. You will be dead by then.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Glen is correct. We have a qualitative problem, not a quantitative problem.

"Just one example that I'd like to offer that I think is emblematic of our new way of working in this space is a partnership we were able to launch with Pepsi in Ethiopia. Pepsi will invest significant resources to reach 30,000 chickpea farmers -- and (I know ?) you say, well, why are you talking about chickpea farmers? -- and they'll reach 30,000 chickpea farmers as part of building out a business to produce both hummus for their commercial markets and to produce a high-nutrition, ready-to-use, high-protein paste that can be delivered to kids in -- at risk of chronic and severe malnutrition in and around the Horn of Africa."

From my blog:

James: "Whatever happens, we have got, the Maxim gun and they have not." --Hillaire Belloc.

And it's not just armaments. It's motivation, discipline, belief. The US took over Iraq with, what, 30,000 trigger pullers? Pizarro was hugely outnumbered; indigenous Americans just needed to all spit at once. Africans are a hooting rabble. Arabs drove out a bunch of fat, effeminate Turks; then they plopped down and started guzzling oil revenues. Anytime anybody wants, that whole peninsula could be re-taken.

Whites historically have HTFU in really scary ways.

Unknown said...

What the late Robin Moore called "The White Tribe" (also the name of one of his novels) will always beat any other tribe. As long as we stay together as a tribe.

James said...

^Isn't that the problem Bob?

Whites are split up. How many of them take up feminist and other causes, even anti-white causes?

You think when America collapses it is going to have the benefits of an organized navy, air force, and technological superiority?

The army will be part of the looters if civilization ever collapses rofl. Those trigger-pullers are already getting paid tax payer money, for what amounts to making enemies of America, and islamicizing the world.

Not sure what the point of the Pepsi example is. Once corporations are the size of something like Pepsi, they cease to become national corporations and are only out for themselves.

Pepsi has an Indian CEO, Coca-Cola has a Turkish CEO for quite a while now.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

First part of my response was to Glen and Bob. PepsiCo is subsidizing r-selection; they need more consumers.

Glen is right; when the K-selected become unable or unwilling to continue funding transfer payments to the r-selected there will be a massive cull of some sort.

Unknown said...

Yes, there is going to be a cull of some sort. The r-types won't be able to support themselves so they will try to take it from the K-types. So the Ks are going to have to be a heavily-armed tribe.

God, what a mess is coming.