Sunday, July 20, 2014

Conservatism and Monsters

"My old pappy always used to say, "There is no more deeply satisfying religious experience... than cheatin' on a cheater." ~ Bret Maverick (James Garner)

I consider myself a conservative in the true sense: civilization is a thin film on top of lot of bad human nature. In other words, I believe in monsters, which I have written about several times.

The archetype of the horror story is good attacked by evil, order attacked by chaos...see the similarity between conservatism and monsters?

Civilization is easily destroyed by monsters.

I was vaguely liberal as a teen, but gave that up by 21. I have never been leftist and consider leftism a mental illness. They can't correctly assess threats, for one thing.

Some people think this is due to some kind of brain damage, as the site Anonymous Conservative suggests.

Leftism is feminine, specifically the Bad Feminine. Therefore, the Bad Feminine is monstrous. Hence, I write articles about Women as Monsters .

Mythologically, women are often monsters, which is why we have the myths of Pandora and Eve. Pandora opened a box and let every evil into the world, and when she closed it the only thing left was Hope.

Eve brought evil into the world by listening to the serpent, who is a symbol of envy. That story tells us women's greatest flaw is envy (which is what leftism is based on) and men's greatest flaw is listening to women.

Kali, the Indian goddess, shows the feminine as nurturing and destructive. You see this in the West in "fairy tales." Women can be either nurturing or destructive, and when they are destructive it's overwhelmingly because of envy, as in such fairy tales as "Snow White" and "Cinderella."

So then, women are good when they are nurturing and evil when they are envious, leftist and destructive.

The Manosphere, unfortunately, sees women as monsters, specifically soulless, gold-digging, "hypergamous" sluts who seek "resources" and "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux." They are incapable of true love and can only love "conditionally." Some men see these things as the "true nature" of women.

This lop-sided view is not a good thing for men to believe. As you think, so you become.

If women have become these things (that is, the Bad Feminine) it's only because men have let them. They have listened to women out of a misguided sense of fairness, and have allowed the destroying, envious, leftist Bad Feminine to be enshrined in law.

I half-jokingly wrote an article about how unacceptable women need to be humiliated, mocked and/or ignored.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to ostracize and ignore such women. Women are herd creatures and far more susceptible to these tactics than men (when they form a group the first thing they do is figure out who to exclude). Don't work for women, for one thing, and pull your kids out of public schools, which is run by female teachers and manginas.

There was a case not too long ago when a feminist skank named Adria Richards took a picture of two computer nerds sitting behind her and got one of them fired. Fortunately she got fired, too. She complained they were making jokes about "dongles" and "forking."

I thought, why were these guys even sitting behind her? Why did they not get up and leave? Men should leave the presence of such women and let them sit there by themselves. Ostracisism!

Let's put it this way: cruel, envious women don't see anything wrong with trying to humiliate men in public...and as the Greeks noticed, there is often a sexual connotation to this attempt.

None of the Bad Feminine can be enshrined in law in the long run. It destroys everything it touches.

I have no idea how long this mess will continue. But someday, it will straighten itself out, after a lot of trouble. We live, as the old Chinese curse tells us, in "interesting times."

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Anders said...

Women as monsters will always be the true nature of women as long as anti man feminist laws continue to rule the land. Every relationship with women from professional to personal is a bad one from the get go because of this and it will only take some kind of apocalyptic event to end it all. Anything less is futile.