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Women are a Lot More Envious than Men, for the Bible Tells Me So

"The truly envious person will delight as much or more in your inability to have and enjoy something as in his or her ability to have and enjoy it." - Steven Riddle

I can't say I pay more attention to myths than anything else, but I sure do pay an inordinate amount to them. Myths aren't meaningless entertaining stories like the old "Hercules" movies or those Ray Harryhausen stop-motion skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts; they're universal truths about human nature told through short, concise stories that have been honed through thousands of years. And I guarantee you this: if we don't pay attention to them, it's to our detriment.

The one myth that I have found most instructive is that of the story of the Garden of Eden. It tells truth on several levels. Or let's put it this way: it tells several interrelated truths.

The first level and the one I have thought about the most, is that the story is about people's first defense: projection. When people project they deny responsibility for their actions and blame their problems on other people.

Projection is people's first defense and apparently goes back to being babies. Little kids certainly do it: "It's your fault! He made me do it!"

When God catches Adam and Eve breaking the rule Adam immediately blames Eve and Eve blames the serpent, which is a symbol of envy and hate (John Milton covered that one in detail in Paradise Lost).

The story is telling us projection, i.e., scapegoating, is done out of envy. People blame their problems on innocent people Socialism, for example, is almost exclusively based on projection and envy.

There is another level to the story of the Garden of Eden, and this one didn't occur to me until recently.

Why did the serpent target Eve and not Adam? That, I think, is very important.

I believe the reason is that women (in general, but of course not every one of them) are more prone to envy than men. Which means they are more prone to hate than men (hate and envy always go together). If it was the other way around the serpent would have targeted Adam.

Feminism, for example, is based on the envy of men. The original supporters of it claimed it was for "fairness" and "justice" but one must be very careful with those words, since many times it just a smokescreen for envy.

But what exactly are women envious about? The most influential early feminists, such as Betty Friedan, were physically hideous. "Women were more envious of same-sex rivals who were beautiful and young," writes Gad Saad, a professor of marketing who has studied what triggers envy.

So then, much of what feminism is based on is the envy of beautiful women by ugly women. There is also the envy of home, husband and children, which is exactly what unattractive (and in many cases, man-hating lesbian) feminists hated and targeted. "If I can't have it...neither shall you."

Now I have to ask this question: why did Adam listen to Eve? And what is lesson of his mistake?

Why he listened to her I don't know. But the story tells us that men listen to women at their peril - and the peril of society, since men created and maintain civilization. Women don't do it because they can't do it. Not unless you want a society of grass huts and no dentists.

Specifically a man should never listen to a woman when what she says is based on envy. It's a bit hard to determine that sometimes, but it can be done if he knows what to look for.

Feminism, which is leftist-lesbian, would have gone exactly nowhere if men had not listened to women, realizing their complaints were overwhelmingly based on envy.

I do know men listened to these women out of a misguided sense of fairness, although that clearly wasn't Adam's problem. That misguided sense of fairness has led to problems I can only describe as horrendous. That's what happens when you can't identify envy (the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins that isn't any fun) and misidentify it as something good (it's why the serpent is described as "subtle").

Since projection is our first defense, women are always going to blame their problems on men. These days, women have a lot of problems. In the last year I've run across two women who told me "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world." Both of them, not surprisingly, were women without home, husband and children, and no hope of obtaining them. They did have "careers," though. And, of course, cats.

Nowadays we have the Manosphere, which is a needed reaction to feminism. It would have never arisen if men had not listened to women in the first place. In other words, men cut their throats - and the throats of many innocent men - and now the victims are trying to fix the wounds.

For that matter, women have cuts their throats by listening to these leftist feminists. Women were happier in the past before they decided to try to act like men.

Just because someone superficially makes sense doesn't mean they do. You have to analyze what they say (of course that takes some analytical abilities) but the best thing is to not listen to what they say, but what they do.

Feminists leaders never led their lives according to what they said. Betty Friedan was married to a very wealthy man and had maids do the housework. She never had a job in her life.

Gloria Steinem has been described as dependent on men, a hopeless romantic, and a serial monogamist. Yet this was a woman who told other women to not get married and devote their lives to their careers. When she finally got married she said things had changed. They hadn't. She was just rationalizing.

Any time a man listens to a woman, he should pause and ask himself: "Is what she saying based on envy?" Most especially, he should ask this if political power is involved, since is the desire to force people to do what you want at the point of a gun. It's amazing how many people don't realize this simple, obvious face.

The easiest way to identify envy: the envious put other people down and blame their problems on them. "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world...Dead White Males...oppressive patriarchy...." You get my drift.

True leftist feminists, and the manginas who support them, are trying to destroy men's characters. Again, since men created civilization, the destruction of men (trying to turn them into women, oftentimes by Ritalin when they're boys) means the destruction of civilization.

Personally, when people start talking about "fairness" and "justice" (again, most especially when it involves politics) I immediately get a red flag.

Unfortunately envy is ubiquitous. It goes to and fro on the earth, and walks up and down on it.

For the truth is that envy, the green-eyed monster, wants to destroy what it cannot have. - Joseph Burgo,

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