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Vegetarianism is Feminist, Leftist, Dangerous and Too Bad it Can't be Made Illegal

"Fetal programming" got its modern start in the '80s but I didn't hear about it until about four years ago. It makes sense and people probably intuitively understood these things in the past but got sidetracked by "doctors" (as far as I'm concerned the accumulated wisdom of the human race trumps "experts").

Fetal Programming is the belief that avoiding toxins, eating correctly and avoiding stress while pregnant can actually 'program' the fetus to be healthier than normal. This 'programming' can last into adulthood. And not just a little healthier. A lot healthier.

Considering that it takes nine months for a fetus to develop, it means a lot can go wrong.

For example, it's known that excessive drinking can create Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (think the fraud and race pimp Jesse Jackson, who clearly has it).

I got this from a "Psychology Today" article:

"The evidence for fetal programming is clear. Researchers have already correlated heart disease and diabetes with fetal growth, with measurements of head circumference and body length at birth. We can see those effects, but more subtle effects on various physiological systems, in particular on the developing nervous system, are difficult to detect, and measurements of later behavior are often even more difficult. Despite the research problems in defining relations between environmental impacts on the developing fetus and later behavior and intelligence, there's a general consensus among neuropsychologists, neurotoxicologists, and pediatricians that such impacts and consequence may be of tremendous importance. Certainly, there's already enough evidence in the research literature to support this idea."

The evidence is overwhelming that what a pregnant woman eats profoundly affects the development of her baby.

And that brings us to vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism is utterly unnatural, and not only unnatural, dangerous. I don't care if an adult slowly or quickly destroys his or her life by being a vegetarian, but a pregnant mother has no right to permanently damage her developing infant by trying to subsist on vegetables. (I am reminded of the joke that vegetarians kill to eat; they just kill things that can't run away.)

Vegetarianism is feminist (which is leftist) and therefore dangerous. There actually exists a book called, The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-vegetarian Critical Theory, in which the author claims she "detects intimate links between the slaughter of animals and violence directed against women. She ties the prevalence of a carnivorous diet to patriarchal attitudes, such as the idea that the end justifies the means, and the objectification of others." (The same author wrote another one called The Pornography of Meat).

Claims that killing animals and eating them is related to violence against women is a sign of lunacy. Only someone truly deluded could believe it. It doesn't surprise me at all that liberals have traditionally been called "fuzzy-minded."

And why does it not surprise me that Hitler was both a vegetarian and a feminist? I'll bet a lot of looney women in those days just loved him.

But let's get back to reality and sanity.

I recently read an article that claimed perinatal supplementation of choline could lead to a lower risk of children developing schizophrenia.

And where are the best sources for choline? Meat and eggs.

I've known more than one person with schizophrenia. Their lives have been destroyed.

I know one woman in particular who didn't develop schizophrenia until she was 30 (the cops found her sitting in her car in her underwear). She has been on disability for the past 13 years and will be on it for the rest of her life. She takes several medications a day, which makes her sleep 12 hours.

The movie and novel, The Road to Wellville, suggested that those who are obsessed with what they eat have emotional and relationship problems. I have found that observation to be true. So logically women who are vegetarians have emotional and relationship issues.

In some cases these women's problems are so bad they will damage their developing fetuses rather than give up their dangerous eating habits. Some fortunately see though and give up their delusions. As one woman wrote: "I was once a vegan. But well before I became pregnant, I concluded that a vegan pregnancy was irresponsible. You cannot create and nourish a robust baby merely on foods from plants."

I know a woman who was a vegetarian and who clearly had protein deficiency. You could see it in her face. Then, finally, in her 40s, she found a permanent relationship with a man. She suddenly gained weight and filled out. She, not surprisingly, started eating meat again.

At least she never had kids. God knows how they might have turned out if she continued to be a vegetarian while pregnant.

I sometimes wonder why there are no more Isaac Newtons or Leonhard Eulers. No more Thomas Jeffersons. No more polymaths. I'm sure some it has to do with our catastrophic "educational" system but does any of it have to do with our adulterated food supply? Giving a baby half-a-dozen brain-damaging vaccinations at birth? An environment full of toxic heavy metals? Personally, I think it does.

What to do about this problem? Simply tell a woman she's putting her child's health at permanent risk? That won't work with a nut.

It's too bad vegetarianism can't be made illegal. Since that's not possible the best one can do is just educate people.

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