Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Women Are Always Going to Blame Their Problems on Men

"The problem is women tend to believe other people are somehow responsible for their own subjective emotional states and expect others to account for them." - Alex McNabb

The first defense people engage in is to blame their problems on other people. Sometimes it's called scapegoating but it's generally know as projection. It is not only a huge problem but is the worst problem in history.

I am reminded of a scene in the movie Jaws where two boys are caught pretending to be sharks. One immediately points to the other and says, "He made me do it!"

People who project believe other people are responsible for their feelings.

My experience, and I believe the experience of the world, is that many women blame their problems on men. For example, in the year 2010 I had two women tell me, "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world." That was 2010, not 1968.

Both were middle-aged spinsters - no home, no husband, no children. Just a cat and a "career." To them, the fact they lacked these things was men's fault. Then they got permanently hostile.

Feminism, which is not a good thing and has done far more harm that good, is based on "Everything is men's fault." Specifically, everything is the fault of white, Western men.

"Everything is men's fault" is why there is such denigration of men, including such insults as "Dead White Males," slave-owning Founding Fathers, etc. You know the drill.

I suspect the reason women are far more likely to blame their problems on men than vice-versa is because women are far more ruled by their emotions than men. And that makes many of them not particular rational (I'd estimate maybe 10% of women are actually rational).

It's a pretty nasty crack, but what Jack Nicholson's character, Melvin Udall, said about understanding women in As Good As It Gets, is true: "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."

What we've got here is men being held accountable for their behavior but women not being held accountable for theirs. Worse, men are only responsible for their behavior but also for women's.

When people aren't held accountable for their behavior they turn back into children. At the worst they turn into babies. And when one group is held accountable for another group, the former get resentful toward the latter. Which is why we have the Manosphere.

What to do? Since men created civilization and culture, men civilize women, not the other way around. It was George "Daffy Duck" Gilder who popularized the meme that women civilize men. Boy, did he get that one wrong.

Since men have failed in civilizing women (by deferring to their whining for the last 40 years) the culture has gone backward morally while going forward technologically.

Logically, then, men should not listen to women who are a) hostile, who b) whine and who c) blame their problems on men, which means putting them down.

I doubt things are going to change until there is a major societal collapse (it's because the mass of people are stupid). But collapse it will, and change it will.


Kevin Ward said...

You are spot on , Sir !! It is also the man bashing media that poisons the female mind & this is why they view men as inferior , worthless , pieces of excreta , so this is a symptom of our shitty " society " , which WILL collapse & implode on it's crappy self !!

Anonymous said...

... ahhh... the "modern woman"... Sex and The City - Life as A Human Toilet... must be so liberating... what makes men cheat = WOMEN. The Great Whore mentality = NO RESPECT - JUST EXPECT. seems men have better things to do, so we left the girls with the boys... for now. " ) I caught a whole whore gaggle of them in Billings, MT. constantly attacking me... and let me tell you, they ain't no women"... they're animals in need of care, thing is, they don't even care about themselves, they just WANT.

all this Iran/nuclear crap going on... women, right behind the men, hiding, holding them hostage with their evil wares... trust me, under the burkas, them are just more sluts too, just as oversexed and desperate... imagine THAT. so, the "portrayed image" is over, and so is cunt-sumer-ism... nope, the whole worlds problems, stem from the gals, for attention.

they don't care about men, they bag one, do their best to schmuck him and STILL lie, cheat, steal, see, women were born empty, cold, and worried with fears unknown, but they do it to themselves - which is why men protect them, but they break shit for attention... and they are truly incapable of caring, not all... just most, even though you would think birthing children would make them connected like no other = nope, the men are the ones who really care. nice space shuttle, men... the girls have all-ways just been along for the ride, but watch out! some Great Whore hoes, want to chop your nuts off. SERIOUSLY. Not kidding. But some men have been watching all along... and waiting. " ) The Great Whores are done for, nothing but retards who hate mankind, and themselves. Not talking REAL women, but you guys better learn what that actually is and drop the losers fast and DO NOT BREED WITH THEM. In a generation they'll breed themselves out worldwide... for the 5th time.

PlainJoe said...

Thank you for writing this article, with such precision. I work in customer service in the telecom industry. Over the years of doing this job I can tell you that the majority of the time when a woman phones, I am resentful and mentally exhausted. It is typically about something trivial that they cannot do themselves such as pushing the input button on the TV, or blaming me (the agent) for not helping them, because they are too incapable to help themselves.

Women in North American society are a nuisance and an annoyance, not a pleasure. They're in the way of what I intend on accomplishing in my life. As you stated, the lack of accountability is rampant. A lot of women when I ask them to do something simple when troubleshooting, they'll say "oh I can't do that, I'll have to wait until my husband gets home" and then they continue complaining and going on how the problem is not fixed. It is SO FRUSTRATING DEALING WITH THESE VERMIN. I want a job where I never have to deal with women. Driving a big oil sand truck or something.

Women in North American society do not know how to behave, and do not know when to shut up and take the back seat. They push, argue, nag, yell, are rude, and mostly incapable of doing anything technical on their own. Just because you're incapable, don't get upset with me lady!

Unknown said...

Spot on article!

Anonymous said...

Then again we do have so many Loser women now more than ever before.

Ilovejesus said...

Hallujah amen truth . great words unfortunately women will not read this and wake up. We do live in a wirld where majority people are stupid easily led sheeple. We can only be hopeful dream of a better place where things change women and the clueless men

Ilovejesus said...

Hallujah amen truth . great words unfortunately women will not read this and wake up. We do live in a wirld where majority people are stupid easily led sheeple. We can only be hopeful dream of a better place where things change women and the clueless men

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget all the other groups that hate the white american male. After all there are many of them who use these very same "Play the victim card" tactics. The sodomite community especially comes to mind!

Unknown said...

I've never seen anything more accurate or spot on in my life!!! I've witnessed first hand how most of the betrayal, back stabbing, and fake nature from friends and relationships seems to come from women. We're living in a society where women see men as "always wrong" and women are never held accountable for their actions. They're really quick to invent and plot horrible things in their mind against men and act very ignorant/aggressive when confronted about it. There are women out there who are better than this but their numbers are so small it's like finding a needle in a haystack. The only way society is going to change is if societt collapses completely and women get their asses handed to them with nobody to turn to. Because as men our patience and our love for them is running out fast and men are really waking up. Watch out bitches because you gotta give love and respect before you will receive it. And sooner or later you'll all know what it feels like to be rejected and hated before you ever set foot in a man's life. Just like you did to us!!!