Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Crushing Economic Burden of Family and Children

My grandfather only completed eighth grade and spent his life installing and finishing wooden-strip floors. His wife took in sewing part-time. They had nine kids and lived a middle-class existence.

My father did a little better educationally. He completed eighth grade but not high school, although he later got a GED. My mother also got a GED. My father was a general contractor (which means he worked for himself) and my mother was the night admitting clerk in the ER. Before that she worked in OB/GYN and was trained by the nurses and doctors.

What she did then doesn't happen today. These days you'd have to be an RN, which has means a four-year college degree. Of course it's all bullshit. A college degree to help babies get born? What has the human race been doing for the past 30,000 years without doctors and RNs to help women in labor?

I have a college degree. It doesn't mean shit. I own my own business. And by the way, Business degrees (including MBAs) are worthless. A lot of it is just common sense. And there should be classes on how to be an entrepreneur.

I've worked for MBAs from Harvard and Yale. I don't believe any of them could have started their own businesses from scratch and made them work.

We had a comfortable middle-class existence. We really didn't need my mom to work. We might have had less material things but as a kid you never notice the lack.

Wages stopped going up in 1973 and have been flat ever since. Worse, one percent of the population owns 40% of the wealth. These two things were caused 100% by the government interfering in the economy, and contrary to the delusions of the uneducated the government cannot create jobs, only destroy them.

In 1971 Nixon went off of the gold standard (unconstitutional), allowing the Federal Reserve Bank (unconstitutional) to inflate the money and credit supply, thereby destroying the value of the dollar. There are a lot of other problems - the fraud of international "free trade," corporations (given the legal status of people), open borders - but all of it has damaged the economy, contrary to the lies of the whores in government and media

It used to be one man could support a family – his wife and a few kids – by himself, and all could live a middle-class existence. These days, both parents have to work, and the children have to be given to a day-care center when they’re barely beyond being babies.

There are a lot of problems with day-care centers. I was in one for a while and i have vivid and unpleasant memories of it.

Parents expect the workers to be cheap and perfect. That doesn’t happen, as in a case in Chicago in which a young woman slammed a boy, less than two, onto the floor. She fractured his skull. He picked up his favorite blanket, crawled into a chair, and died. (The 25-year-old woman got 31 years in prison).

Incidentally, a fair number of kids in daycare seem to suffer from fractured skulls.

Why did she slam him onto the floor? Because he was acting like a two-year-old boy. As if a two-year-old is going to listen to anything an adult says.

Giving children to be raised by strangers is one of the basic tenets of Communism. Specifically, they are to be raised by the State. The destruction of the family and both parents working is also one of the basic planks of Communism.

When you give your kids to be raised by someone else, you no longer have any control over their education. They can be indoctrinated with the exact opposite of what you want them taught. And anyone who trusts the government is a fool.

It’s got to the point the only way you can have control over how you want your kids raised is to home school them. And if you don’t want them in a daycare at less than two years old, and instead want one parent home with them, the only way to do that is to simplify your standard of living.

This simplifying essentially means living in a cheap trailer without cable or a big-screen TV. Living in a nice middle-class house on the income of one spouse and working 40 hours a week? Get a time machine.

A lot of families have opted for simplifying their lives, rather than give their children to be raised by strangers from the age to 1 ½ to 17. With college, try to 21, at the minimum.

If the government hadn’t so severely damaged their economy by interfering in it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the average salary was $90,000 a year.

Because of this crushing burden, families are no longer having children. They can't afford it. The U.S. is no longer at replacement level – witness my grandparents easily affording nine children and my parents able to have only two.

Many men have decided to not get married anymore. The legal deck is so stacked against them it is in their self-interest to not get married, not when in a divorce they can lose everything. (The law has forgotten that wise old legal saying: "A man shall not be fined to his ruin.")

And because men are not getting married, the other side of the coin is that women are not getting married. Sometimes they think they'll go to college, get a job, then get married at 30 and have home, husband and children.

Unfortunately that's not the way life works. At 30 they find themselves over-the-hill, and very few men want them. Then they engage in the first defense people engage in - they blame their problems on men. Then they end up middle-aged spinsters living in an apartment with a cat, on psychiatric drugs, and hostile towards men.

When parents aren’t having two children – they’re having one. Such is the crushing, oppressive burden of the Black Thing that our government has become.


Baloo said...

Very eloquent. Depressing, but enlightening. Reprinted here:
Western Culture Circles the Drain

Bob said...

I have to tell you if that two-year-old had been my son, I would have killed that woman - no trial, no jury, no appeal - she deserved none.

And as far a "circulating the drain" goes, don't forget what Obama once said about being five days away from fundamentally changing America.

Finally the incredibly myopic and naive white American is starting to understsnd what he meant, but is too cowardly and timid to do anything about it... other than to stare trance-like... at the drain.