Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lincoln was a Brain-Damaged Syphilitic Mass-Murdering Corporate Lawyer

In my opinion Lincoln was the worst President. He started an unnecessary war that had some 620,000 casualties - more than the rest of the U.S.'s wars combined (contrary to the Conventional Wisdom, the war was about money, not getting rid of slavery).

Today, that number of casualties would equal about five million people.

If Lincoln ran today, he couldn't even gain the nomination. He was far too ugly, for one thing. Another is that he was brain-damaged, and that damage attributed to his unattractiveness.

Lincoln suffered a serious injury of the brain when he was kicked in the face by a horse. He ended up with a lop-sided face with a drifting eye. He was but ten years old when kicked. He was unconscious all night and received no treatment (but then, in those days, what treatment was available?).

Lincoln's left frontal lobe would have been damaged. To simplify things, this injury accounts for Lincoln's lifelong bouts with depression. A depressed man should not be President. Depressed people cannot think clearly, and the evidence is that Lincoln couldn't.

He had a lot of other serious medical conditions. He contracted malaria, smallpox - and syphilis (Lincoln told his law partner, William Herndon, that he had syphilis). He may have had Marfan Syndrome and possibly multiple endocrine neoplasia.

There is substantial evidence Lincoln was homosexual. He had a long-term relationship with Joshua Speed, with whom he shared a bed for many years. In fact he lived with Speed for four years. His relationships were women were "problematic" and one relation said, "he never had much interest in the girls."

Carl Sandburg who wrote a biography of Lincoln, said that Lincoln had "a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets." "Streak of lavender" was slang in that time for an effeminate man, and later connoted homosexuality.

Lincoln also wrote homoerotic poetry.

For Reuben and Charles have married two girls,

But Billy has married a boy.

The girls he had tried on every side,

But none he could get to agree;

All was in vain, he went home again,

And since that he's married to Natty

None of this absolutely proves Lincoln was homosexual, but it's clear Lincoln was a strange man, probably the strangest President ever. Brain-damaged, syphilitic, homosexual? And started a war that today would have killed and wounded about five million Americans? Were all of these disorders connected?

If I ever had any respect for historians I lost it years ago. They don't tell the truth about terrible Presidents - Lincoln, Wilson, FDR. In fact historians claim they were great Presidents. They weren't. They were catastrophes.

How many people know Lincoln was a corporate lawyer, one who believed in protectionist tariffs, corporate welfare, central banking, the creation of a giant political patronage machine, and the pursuit of an empire that would rival the British empire? And when he gained political power pretty much suspended all of the Constitution?

Those who control perception control history. Even today Lincoln has his defenders (mostly the verminous traitors known as neocons). Fortunately some people see Lincoln for the fascist traitor he was.

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