Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disarm the Police and Arm All the Citizens

If the police were disarmed and half of them fired, and all the citizens armed, crime would drop by 90%.

The only police who I believe should be armed are those who walk a beat. And when is the last time you saw that? They used to do it in the past.

Actually, those who walk a beat should receive extra pay, and if people want to give them free stuff, like meals, that is fine with me. The police should support the citizens, and the citizens should support the police. There should be mutual respect, and maybe then the police should be what they're supposed to be - peace officers, not "police."

Crime in the U.S. is not that high, contrary to the media and politicians, neither of whom I believe about anything.

The original gun control laws were meant to apply to blacks only, These days, blacks have a death rate by firearm over 39 times of whites - a little over 17 per capita. The white death rate by firearm is .32 per capita (in Holland it's .33 per capita, which means whites in the U.S. have a lower death rate than peaceful Holland).

For that matter, the homicide rate in 2011 was the lowest on record since 1960.

What crimes would go down if all the citizens were armed? Oh, I dunno. How about everything? Murder, rape, burglary, assaults, name it, I think it would go down.

There is nothing in the Constitution about having police. There is the Second Amendment, though, which guarantees the right of the citizens to be armed. Although many people don't seem to know it these days, the Constitution does not guarantee your rights - it enumerates your natural rights from Nature, or God.

There is definitely nothing in the Constitution about the police being militarized - armored vehicle, machine guns, the whole bit.

Of course, when the police have these things criminals are going to target them so they can get those advanced weapons. Shades of Robocop!

Some (say liberals, all of whom are emotionally four years old) will claim if everyone was armed, there would be shoot-outs on the street. These are the same children who claimed that when concealed carry was passed in many states, there would be the same public shoot-outs.

It didn't happen, and in fact crime went down.

How can liberals be so wrong all the time? I am reminded of what Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote in Leftism Revisited: "Leftists don't merely misunderstand human nature. They don't understand it at all."

The bobbies in England for many years didn't carry guns. That was because England was very peaceful. Now they do carry guns, because England isn't so peaceful anymore. And England now has very strict gun-control laws. And what has happened? Crime has sky-rocketed since the ban.

Liberals don't care if you live or die. They want to ban all guns, and if crime shoots straight up, they don't care. That makes them evil people.

The best definition of a liberal I have ever heard is "A liberal is someone who'd rather see a woman raped and strangled with her own pantyhose then defend herself with a firearm."

I have lived in states where there is open carry. The first time I saw it was when a young woman, in her early 20s, came into a restaurant with a semi-automatic on her hip. No one looked at her or said a word.

That state had a very low crime rate.

Will it ever come to the day when the police are disarmed and the citizens armed? The movement for citizens being armed grows every day.

And if they police continue to be stupid, murder citizens and become more and more militarized, the day will come a lot of them have to find other jobs. Sooner or late, the populace will get tired of abusive and oppressive police.

The city had to pay out ten million dollars after this case of mistaken identity by a corrupt and evil "police officer."

Leftists - who hate you - ultimately want to disarm and kill you.

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