Sunday, January 13, 2013

Buy and Use to Drink Glorious Enamel Coffee Cup

Every porcelain coffee cup I've had I have dropped and shattered or else they have cracked. I don't like plastic. So, I decided to try an enamel cup, and they work just fine. I've dropped them. No big deal. As best as I can tell, they'll last about 1000 times longer than my now-deceased Dansk Bistro porcelain cups.

The best cups I have are two yellow enamel-coated metal cups out of Poland. Enamel-coated metal cups are very European and good luck finding them in the U.S.

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Kent McManigal said...

The enamel can chip if/when dropped. I have used them for years and a chipped corner will eventually lead to a hole and a leak.

Also, they transmit heat efficiently so will often be too hot to hold, and I suppose it means your drink would cool off faster. I don't drink coffee, but have heard this observation from those who do.