Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Women Are Far More Imperfect Than Men

“Feminism is a rhetorical endeavor, which couches itself in pseudo-normative terminology in order to mask a power grab.” - Amos & Gromar

About three years ago I had two women, within one month, tell me than men were the cause of all the problems in the world. One was in southern Illinois and the other in central Texas. I didn't say anything to them at that time because it wouldn't have done any good.

The reason it wouldn't have done any good is because both of them were middle-aged, without home, husband and children, which meant they were going to blame their problems on men, and the facts be damned.

Had I pointed out women are far more imperfect than men, it would not have penetrated. I knew what they were thinking even though they didn't tell me: "Men start wars, blah, blah, blah, etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum."

When you look at the balance of things, women are worse than men. Women in political power start wars, too, and ones just as bad as men. They have aborted 70 million infants, tried to impose their natural socialism/fascism on society, and blamed everything on men. And that's just a short list of what they have done or try to do.

And they haven't invented/discovered/created much of anything, not because of oppression, but because men and women have different brains.

Men also start wars. They've done an awful lot of bad things.

The reason for all of these bad things is because people are imperfect, men and women both. But I believe women are more imperfect than men.

Men, some men, try to fix mistakes. When most women try to fix mistakes, they almost always make things worse.

In a nutshell: men and women are inherently imperfect; women are more imperfect than men; both sexes have done terrible things; men try to fix them and sometimes make them worse and sometimes make them better; women try to fix them and almost always make them worse.

If you look at mythology, which is the distilled wisdom of the human race, you see some very interesting things.

Take Pandora, for instance. She opens a box she is not supposed to open and looses every evil in the world, and when the box is closed, the only thing left is hope.

The story of Eve is a bit more detailed. The serpent, which is a symbol of envy, talks her into eating the fruit of the tree. Then Adam, the first moron to listen to a woman, lets her talk him into doing the same thing.

Then Adam blames what he did on Eve, Eve blames it on the serpent, and out they go into the world. Again, I'm going to repeat, they blame their problems on others.

There are several lessons to be learned from the story of the Garden of Eden, but a big one is that no man should ever to what a woman says when what she says is based on envy.

And is not feminism, being leftist, based on nothing but envy? Although it users such words as "justice" and "fairness"?

Ultimately, men did cause all these problems. Why? Because they listened to what women said, and didn't have to sense to tell the good from the bad, right from wrong - and look at what has happened.

What kind of loon has power and gives it to incompetents?

“Feminism: proving that temper tantrums will still get you your way past the age of five.” – Amos & Gromar

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