Thursday, November 14, 2013

Each Sex is 100% Dependent on the Other

Men are 100% dependent on women to have children. Everyone knows this. However, on the other hand, women are 100% dependent on men for survival. Most women don't know this and won't believe it if told.

The hypothesis is that men envy women's ability to give birth, but I haven't seen that, and it doesn't make sense, anyway. As far as I know, the psychiatrist Karen Horney came up with the concept of "womb envy" in response to Freud's concept of "penis envy," and she claimed men created things because they could not give birth. That's pretty loony, if you ask me.

Yet women's envy of men has been noticed for a long time. And, mostly, it's because of what men created, to improve life.

Women are 100% dependent on men because men created everything in the world. To say that women created some things is disingenuous, since we are looking at, what? 100,000 to one? More? A million to one? That's probably more like it.

To be specific, white men created/discovered invented nearly everything in the world. Whatever race or culture, though, it's men who do the creating/maintaining.

Human nature being what it is, people are always going blame their problems on others. And it is often out of envy. Those those who can, do; those who cannot insult those who can, which is why we are seeing attacks on men, and of course, those Dead White Males who did so much.

It's always someone else's fault.

Blamers are always going to say, "If it wasn't for so-and-so I, my race, my culture, my country would be great." "If it wasn't for oppression we would have done great things."

Or, "They wiped out our greatness," the way some blacks think Africa really did have a civilization, and that the whites destroyed it (after stealing everything, of course.)

The whole thing is fascinating and in fact is a science. Envy those who can do things, denigrate them and try to bring them down, even if you destroy yourselves. That's envy.

Those who think, "We are going to take over the United States" are doing so out of envy. And, of course, they think the wealth is just going to be theirs for the taking. And when that wealth is not there because it goes away, they're going to scream, "We have to find out who did this and kill them!" In other words, blame it on someone else.

The whole thing is a tragicomedy. To me, a fascinating one, but still horrible and humorous.

Everything is dependent on everything else. All of us are 100% of the earth and indeed the universe. As far as I'm concerned, we should be grateful for all of it. And the interesting thing about gratitude and appreciation, is that when you feel it, there is no envy. In fact, those who envy cannot feel gratitude. They can only destroy.

And that is a repeatable, verifiable science.

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