Saturday, November 2, 2013

Leftism - and Feminism - Is As Close to Pure Evil As Exists

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, in his magnum opus, Leftism Revisited, observed that "Leftists don't merely misunderstand human nature. They don't understand it at all." I have found that to be true.

I've also noticed (and I'm certainly not the only one) that leftists are utter hypocrites. And because of their overwhelming self-deception, they don't even know it - because they rationalize like crazy.

Leftism is about how everyone is supposed to be equal - except for the leaders. They have special privileges.

Take the former Soviet Union, for example. Everyone was supposed to be equal but instead everyone was impoverished, except for the top 1%. Of course, that top %1 rationalized the whole thing.

Now lets transfer that observation over to American feminism, which is leftist. It's not about equality, contrary to its claims. It's about a very small minority, the "elites" (I use that term neutrally) who think they are the moral and intellectual superior of everyone else.

Thomas Sowell, in his The Visions of the Anointed, mocked these kinds as...the Anointed. Self-anointed, that is.

What we end up with is the "elites," who prescribe for others, but don't follow their own prescriptions. In reality, they do the exact opposite of what they prescribe for others.

Look at Betty Friedan, one of the founders of '60s feminism. She never worked a day in her life, married a very wealthy man, wrote The Feminine Mystique in his mansion, had housemaids do the housework...and also had children. Exactly how was she not a traditional woman, except for being a insane leftist?

Then there was Gloria Steinem, who has been described as "a hopeless romantic, a serial monogamist, and dependent on men." She spent most of her life in a relationship with one man or another, sought advice from fertility clinics on how to conceive, always told women they needed a man like "a fish needed a bicycle," yet she got married in a park. And this was after spending her life telling women marriage was a prison.

About a year before she got married she spoke in Missouri, telling the assembled she still believed what she had taught her entire life. Yet when she got married she told people "that things have changed." Society, she meant. In one year, after 40 years, society suddenly changed.

The same hypocrisy applies to feminist leaders of today. Well-to-do, married, some with children...yet what they prescribe for other women is the exact opposite of how they lead their lives.

And who do these "elites" blame their problems? Certainly not themselves. They blame them on men, capitalism, patriarchy...anyone but themselves. They are predators who consider themselves victims.

Again, leftist feminism is about benefiting the elites. Poor, not-so-bright women are thrown under the bus. Oh, there might be food cards, Aid to Dependent Children, Section 8 housing...but the "elites" would never live like that.

Then we have middle-class women, and those are the ones truly deluded. They have absorbed feminist beliefs without ever calling themselves feminist, and thought they could go to college, get a degree followed by a high-paying job, then expect an acceptable man to be there for their taking when they were done with their "career."

What they found instead, at the end of that road, was instead of home, husband and children, an apartment and a cat. The "elites," on the other hand, were having none of that.

And 70 million working women have driven wages down, so even if the want to quit and stay home...they can't, because most men don't make enough money. And in this case, it's not their fault.

The rich and the poor don't count. The rich will take care of themselves and the poor will get their scraps. But the middle-class is getting squeezed, and it is the height of Western civilization. And it's been the worst hurt by leftism and feminism. And once it goes we are in big trouble. In fact, since it's going we already are in big trouble.

Women were far, far better off under "patriarchy" than what exists today, which won't last. That's what comes from women listening to women - and men letting them get away with it.