Thursday, November 14, 2013

Promiscuity as Self-Multilation

"Everybody's life is either a warning or an example. You've got to decide what you're gonna be and you have to draw a line in the sand." – Tony Robbins

In the area I grew up in I knew girls who were having sex at 13, 14, 15. All of them were promiscuous and as far as I could tell, had not-so-good relationships with their fathers. I do remember the 14-year-old ended up in some sort of home for wayward girls.

My gut, even then, told me it had something to do with the parents. Studies have confirmed my intuition: one at Texas Christian University "found [girls]...who had unstable or non-existent paternal relationships were more likely to lose their virginity at an earlier age and display risky sexual behaviors."

In college, long before any studies, I noticed the same thing. All of them didn't have the best relationships with their fathers. One told me her father repeatedly molested her. She said he took her for trips to the local lakes, and she said it so casually I was almost speechless. (Did the mother know about it and ignore it? That happens a lot.) I have no idea what happened to her, but I clearly remember she made a pass at me while the guy she came over with was asleep on the couch. I declined, since the guy was my best friend.

One woman, years later, parroted that trendy psychobabble nonsense about how she now "loved myself" after seeing a therapist for years. Yet there was still something to what she said. She also told me some of the guys she never even kissed, which I have noticed about these women myself. It's as if they don't even like the guys. (This one asked me "Did we sleep together?" because she did not remember.)

Many of these woman didn't get married, or if they did, got divorced. Some, fortunately, have had children and remained married. And most of them who did not get married were stuffed to the gills on psychiatric "medication" - which about 25% of woman are.

So, I came to the conclusion many years ago that female promiscuity had something to do with poor "self-esteem," which came from having poor relationships with their fathers. And mothers.

I've even heard it called a form of "self-mutilation." Whatever it is called, I think it is, ultimately, a search for love.

If excessive promiscuity is usually due to a poor relationship with a father, and is a search for love, then the break-up of marriages (or their failure to form) is going to lead to promiscuous girls who are unable to sustain a successful relationship with a man. This is the main reason I refer to women who purposely have have children without being married as "monsters."

And what is the divorce rate these days? At least 50%? If most of the children are given to the mother, that father. It's certainly the height of female rationalization and self-delusion to think they can raise children by themselves and think they'll turn out just fine.

And the word "monster," as I have noted before, means "warning," and "demonstration." Robbins noted the same thing in his quote above: you can be a warning, or you can be an example.

I am as opposed to leftism and feminism (which is leftist) as can possibly be. Leftists want to destroy society because they want to remake it. It never works as it's supposed to, though. And they don't care who gets hurt as long as they feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Actually, I am reminded of that saying from the Bible about how the iniquity of the fathers - and mothers, too - are visited on the children, unto the third and the fourth generations.

It's up to men to fix this problem. Women sure as hell can't. Many of them can't even see the problem.

By the way, every promiscuous guy I've known has mutilated himself, too.

"...incentives drive human behavior. When the incentives promote selfish behavior, selfish behavior abounds and there is an eventual breakdown of social trust." - Just Four Guys.


Glen Filthie said...

That is the way it USED to be Bob. Today slutty, irresponsible behaviour is pushed by the feminists, the liberal parents, the schools and the gov't. The recent posters of sluts and rakes extolling the free birth control provided by Obamacare come to mind.

In fact, it is so bad that men with morals and ethics like ours are being charged with hate crimes or being ostracized for talking like this.

The worst thing a father can do today is assume that his children are safely being raised in the home.

Think about what your morals and ethics offer to today's young man:

critical thinking
self restraint
responsibility to others
work ethics

The liberals and progtards are offering your kids sunshine, lollipops and unicorns. The kids won't see the price for that until the bill arrives.

It's a very, very tough sell Bob - especially to young men.

Wyowanderer said...

You're thinking of Exodus 20:5.

Cul-De-Sac Hero said...

@Glen Filthie
I hear what you're saying, but the missing ingredient in your list of attributes to nurture in young men and women is PRIDE. That is the feature that seals the deal.

The pride of young people, especially young men, has been undermined by the left wingers. Pride is seen as evil. It's only a sign of arrogance and rudeness. Westerners have nothing to be proud of because they're responsible for all of the atrocities of history. If you show pride in your heritage, you're a racist, white supremacist.

So, young people have nothing to feel good about. It's no wonder that they don't feel the need to self-regulate and their behavior is deplorable and self-destructive. The really sad part is they don't see the deception they've been subjected to. They think they have it good because they can get as much sex as they want and nobody can judge.

Now, the ultimate insult is to boost the pride of LGBT while demonizing pride in straight people. The liberals have obfuscated a term for their own and stolen it's power.

I've been on a mission to build pride in my elder son. It' hard to teach him when he's bombarded with imagery of male TV and movie characters acting like screw-ups.