Thursday, November 7, 2013

Never Chase After a Woman and Never Tell Her Where You Are Going

In college, when I was 21, I bought a car that I was going to fix. I was towing it with my other car while my girlfriend drove the towed car. I was going through alleys, and every time I had to stop she hit the back of my car.

I let it go about three times before I got out and asked, "Are you having some problems you should tell me about? You keep crashing into the back of my car."

Then for some reason she jumped out of the car and ran away. So I sat on the hood of my car and smoked one of my little cigars.

She came back about ten minutes later and said, "You were supposed to chase me!"

To which I answered, "I will never chase you or any other woman." Of course, she never did it again.

Now some will say, "That's a shit test." No, it wasn't. It's just that female bullshit love of drama and to feel wanted. And God knows I've seen enough of that, which is one of the reasons many women make such lousy managers.

The dumber a woman is, the more female-hysterical she is. Since they don't have a real life they fill it with drama and hysteria. For that matter, no-class men do the same thing.

I also get women who want to know where I'm going. Usually I just walk out and not answer them. If they don't get it I finally explain to them, "I am not your child and you are not my mother. If you stop asking me where I am going I will tell you."

I use the same technique when they try to screen my calls. "I am not your child and you are not my mother."

I figure in many ways some women are just big kids. Not all, of course, but Schopenhauer thought all of them were. But he was a cranky German philosopher.

As for the ever-popular "What are you thinking?" my stock answer it, "I never think. I always have a low hum in my head which I use to tune women out. And some guys, too, for that matter."

I have yet to meet a woman who wouldn't tolerate these things.


Hoopty Norodom said...

Good solid bog-standard game advice. Nothing here I didn't learn from Roissy long ago. Keep it up.

And keep on throwing those toddler tantrums over people calling a shit test a shit test instead of whatever long-winded circumlocution you prefer to use for the same universally-recognized female behavior. It's fun to watch old guys yelling about these damn kids these days, with their bobby socks and their jazz music.

Unknown said...

Roissy is a fraud, although I'm won't explain why, because your mind is so closed you wouldn't understand it. By the way, if you weren't so embarrassingly ignorant you'd know these concepts were discussed, oh, a few thousand years ago, by men a lot smarter and more educated than you.

I always enjoy watching the ignorant make fools of themselves. As a friend told me, "The smart understand the stupid a lot more than the stupid understand the smart." That's why I understand you but you don't understand me.

Glen Filthie said...

My wife and I got into the greatest argument last night. She caught me reading Captain Capitalism and we got going on the declining quality of North American females. We dropped in on your blog and one or two others. She was friggin livid at the ideas she was seeing. I just shrugged and smiled - and let it go.

Took her out for breakfast this morning and a couple younger women slid into the booth behind us. One was single, the other was fat, loud, self righteous and had a baby. She talked about 500 words per minute and went on about how she 'thought of things and saw things' her idiot husband never would - because she was a WOMAN dontchya know. On and on she went, gums flapping at 100 MPH, a verbal spew of self righteousness, sanctimony and hogwash! My heart went out to both her child and her husband - no man should have to put up with such fat slattern. I cocked an eye brow at my wife and whispered 'Remember that debate we had last night...?' This time she just shrugged and let it go. What else could she do?

I think it IS a case of 'these damn kids these days...' too. I am a smidge younger than you, Bob...but I don't remember the women of my youth being nearly as rotten as the crap I am seeing today. Even the feminists of the 70's and 80's were better women than the proliferation of rancid whores we are seeing today. I think it is getting worse too.

I am fortunate. My wife does not ask me to chase her. Nor does she ask where I go or what I do. She tends to her knitting and does it very, very well - our marriage is nearing the 30 year mark now.

If anything I think we need to read more about GOOD women and how to spot them in the manosphere. We all know the bad traits and what to avoid, IMHO. We can also do without the blatant woman haters too.