Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Monstrous Ego is the Source of All Evil

"Manipulation is natural to women; rational argument is not. As their biology gears them to connect people, they instinctively dislike anything that produces disagreement, and that includes anything sharp, cold, or logical - no matter how necessary. And that last bit is why it is extremely dangerous to make women and what they feel center stage." - Alex Linder

The late Russell Kirk said that bit about "the monstrous ego" in a short story of his. I can't remember which one, but he's right. He's not the only one who's made this observation.

In the Bible it's called Pride, as in "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

The Greeks were a bit more accurate: they called it Hubris followed by Nemesis. Conscienceless arrogance followed by revenge. They considered that conscienceless arrogance to be a type of insanity.

The original meaning of Hubris was to humiliate someone in public, often with a sexual connotation (at its worst, think "serial killer"). Then it is always followed by revenge, which is an attempt to replace the feeling of humiliation with pride - quite often by violence.

Those who wish to humiliate people do so for the feelings of power, domination and control.

And this brings me to something I read recently: Courting the Lifelong Virgin Cock Tease.

The women in the article are dating many men to get free entertainment, food and drinks, to extend the courtship process as long as possible. Notwithstanding the free stuff, what are the psychic rewards?

Power, domination and control. This is not a good thing, and in fact is a very bad thing.

These woman enjoy humiliating these men, even though they are so self-deluded they can't see it. And of course wouldn't believe it if told.

Who wants to be be strung along, abused and maybe laughed at? To be treated unfairly, degraded?

In fact, this Lifelong Virgin Cock Tease said, "I felt empowered." But did it ever occur to her how these men felt? Of course not. Lack of empathy and the inability to understand others is inherent in Hubris, or Pride, or the Monstrous Ego...or whatever you want to call it.

What would happen if men called these women on what they do? They'd be outraged, get hysterical...blame all their problems on men.

So what is one form men's revenge - the attempt to replace feelings of outrage and humiliation with pride - going to take? Withdrawal from paying for women, since the men get nothing in return.

There will be worse kinds of revenge, too. One of them is to learn how to exploit, dominate and control women, to use them and cast them aside.

There will even be worse than that.

These things are cause-and-effect. They are a science, because they are repeatable, and have been for thousands of years.

The Manosphere is about revenge - let's call it justice instead. It's about the attempt to replace feelings of humiliation and outrage with pride. To avoid being manipulated, used, exploited. To have power over your life, to avoid being dominated and controlled.

Things, obviously, are out of balance between men and women, and that imbalance is enforced by law. Women, contrary to their delusions, have too much power. And as Samuel Johnson noticed, "Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little."

None of this will last. Imbalances never do. Fortunately, things are starting to get in balance again, and it's going to be a dizzying and unpleasant ride.

"All wicked men, just like good men, desire to live without fear. The difference is that the good, in desiring this, turn their love away from things that cannot be possessed without the fear of losing them. The wicked, on the other hand, try to get rid of anything that prevents them from enjoying such things securely. Thus they lead a wicked and criminal life, which would better be called death." – St. Augustine, On Free Choice of the Will

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Quartermain said...

For the last 30-40 years been mercenary, seeing sex and marriage as a business proposition.

How long will it finally dawn on them that less and men care to buy what they're selling?