Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Make Them Laugh and You're In

There is a lot of gobbledegook in the Manosphere - "negging," "shit-tests," all that nonsense.

Why, in God's name, would any man want anything to do with a rude, unpleasant woman? What retard actually thinks she testing him for his fitness? Talk about a complete misunderstanding of Evo-Pysch, which isn't even a science anyway. Clearly the supporters of these concepts have no understanding of what a hypothesis is, or a theory. As for the null hypothesis, forget it.

How can anyone truly believe that in a woman's genes are the instructions, "I shall shit test men to see if they are sufficiently Alpha to prove that they are good breeding material." Uh huh, right.

The comedian Gallagher made more sense when he said that ON SALE is in a woman's genes.

I, have found, on the other hand, that if you can make a woman laugh you are in. Not surprisingly, many woman have told me that.

What it is about is having fun. If she has fun with you, and laugh, that works.

I have never in my life had a woman "shit-test" me. Actually, the rude, unpleasant women I have known have had their relationships with men not work out, so they blame all their problems on men. Since they think they are right and men are wrong, they get self-righteous and hostile. They apparently don't understand that no man wants anything to do with a woman who isn't any fun, or doesn't appreciate him, or feel any gratitude.

It's amazing how many people uncritically imitate each other. They apparently lack the analytical ability to see even obvious flaws in ideas. It's actually quite scary - or more like creepy.

It's like they're tape recorders - "I-believe-in-Alpha-Beta-Gamma-click-click-click-Dark-Triad-Shit-Tests-Negs-click-click-cick." Oh, yeah, that's creepy alright.

Guys who believe in these goofy Manosphere concepts are going to end up wondering, "Is she shit-testing me? No, wait, maybe she's just an unpleasant bitch who blames all her problems on men...and I see in her future psychiatric medication and buying Fancy Feast (fish favor!) for Mittens."


Anonymous said...

Good post. It's amazing what one can learn from simple common sense when the other party isn't trying to sell books, clinics or DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Bob dd a little more reading soft negs bring them out of their shells and make them laugh.

Unknown said...

"Soft negs" are light make them laugh. I was born with the ability to do it, and my relative told me I've done it before I remember doing it...and they thought I was a natural comedian.

Anonymous said...

Why is this blog linked by other Manosphere blogs.. this article really contributes nothing, just empty criticism by an old man.

Ben Hermosa said...

I love the type of anti-game shriekers and whiners who describe game, insist that game is something else that makes no sense, and then admit in the comments that they're just insisting on using different terms for the same concepts. And then they brag about being a natural.

Always with the bragging. Pretty good clue about the motivations there.

The point, you insecure little zit, is that men who need to learn more this stuff may read your little zit-pop here and think it won't help them. And you'll feel like you've kneecapped the competition, you girlish little passive-aggressor, you.

Help other men or stay the fuck out of it.

Unknown said... cute. Ad hominem attacks from the unpopular and insecure.

Amusing how the silly think that the really smart men in the past haven't discussed these things...I guess Aristotle, St. Augustine, et al were just too stupid to figure all these silly Manosphere ideas.

Aurini said...

Properly done, shit-tests are when a woman communicates "Look at me! I'm running away! If you're serious, you'd better catch me!", while negs are the male intermittently saying "Catch you? Please, honey, I've got tons of women hanging off of me."

Done right, there's no better dance than the human mating dance.

We're being raised as a generation of Autists, however, taught that being masculine is evil, while women are portraying fake-masculinity by upping their shit-tests to nuclear proportions. Guys nowadays have no idea how to be men, and the thought of it fills them with trained guilt (as evidenced by how many guys have written to thank me for dismissing this guilt by explaining what misogyny actually is).

The focus on such things is 1) a logical breakdown of the mating dance for men, amateur-level "one-two-one-two" for guys new to it, and 2) dealing with reality as it is (a 21 year old guy doesn't have the breadth of choice that guys who are 30+ have).

I agree with you in spirit (I prefer to drive an unpleasant woman to histrionics, rather than sleep with her), but the Game advice is necessary and good for our younger brothers.

Unknown said...

I've had women run off on me. I sat and waited and they came back. They told me, "You were supposed to chase me." I told them, "That will never happen."

In every case it was that female bullshit love of drama, and I put an end to that, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a woman's shit-tests are anything more than her insecurities coming to the forefront. They are not all that clever. If a man has his act together, he won't have too much difficulty dealing with her insolence.


Unknown said...