Monday, October 14, 2013

Nutcase Women Who Hate Me

In my life there have been about six women who appeared to have hated me. In every case I did nothing to them, but there was something about me that just set them off.

I spent some time - say about five minutes - thinking about what they had in common.

First and foremost: single and/or divorced. I believe one might have been married, but she was hideous, not to mention stupid. I wondered what her husband was like, but thank God I never met him.

Second: unattractive. This meant fat/pudgy with an unattractive face. Even if they lost the weight they still wouldn't have been attractive. Some of them were morbidly obese. It also meant hit-the-wall/over-the-hill and tried to cover it up with makeup and clothes.

Fourth: dumb. Not one of them had any brains to speak of.

Fifth: little or no sense of humor.

Now as to why these kinds of women hated me I do not know. Perhaps they hate lots of men. Sometimes I think this hate might be because I represent what they never had or have lost - a straight white man.

I have come to the conclusion that no man should take seriously any such women. I have seen some men do it and I never had any respect for them. I considered them incompetent even before they took these women seriously.

Not once have I seen an intelligent woman hate me. Or an attractive one. Actually, smart women tend to think I'm funny.

It is a truism that feminists are unattractive. None of these women were "feminists" but their minds had been infected by it.

I do not take seriously unattractive, dumb, overweight single/divorced women, or over-the-hill single/divorced spinsters. All of them have hearts full of hate, and they blame their problems on men. It's best to always be on guard around such monsters. Best of all, stay far away from them.

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