Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Women Should Not be Allowed to Vote

It was single women who overwhelmingly voted for Obama and helped put him into office (they also put Hitler in office). By the way, when he was voted in, I thought, "We've crossed the Rubicon. He's going to be the worst President the U.S. has ever had. We've crossed the line to destruction, and we cannot go back." And I've been right.

I have a hard time understanding the minds of some people, but most especially dumb ones (one of my friends told me, "The smart understand the stupid a lot more than the stupid understand the smart"). When it comes to government, they seem to think it has its own money to dole out. Or else "the rich" have trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and all we have to do is take it from them and spread it around equally. Then things will be better, lots better.

My experience has been a lot of women are natural socialists/fascists and don't know it. When you tell them that's what they are, they don't believe it. For one thing they don't exactly know what a socialist or fascist is.

Of all the women I've met I've never seen one who truly understood economics or political science. I've met a lot who think they do, but don't. I know there are some who understand both, but they are the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Women in the past were not allowed to vote. This wasn't an oversight. I'm sure smarter guys in the past looked at what women were saying and basically said, "Holy shit! They're don't know what they're talking about!"

St. Paul went so far as to write women should not speak in public - and I've seen their embarrassing ranting and raving - and he forbid them from teaching (and I've seen what they've done to education, too).

In fact, smarter women in the past didn't want women to have the vote. They essentially said, "We've got the best job of all - we're responsible for making sure the next generation grows up to be the best they can possibly be."

For that matter, smart women don't much like other women (hell, most women hate each other) and prefer to associate with men. And most women prefer a male boss. I've seen way too many screw-up women in management. And, of course, they don't know it.

But you don't really have many women wanting to devote their lives to the next generation. It's easy to tell when this is happening: people aren't reproducing and their numbers are falling. (And why do so many of "women's issues" revolve around a) abortion b) abortion c) abortion and d) birth control?)

And for some strange reason I don't quite understand, where men go, women follow like dogs. They also seem to think men have it better than men, and if they tag along their lives will improve. I can only say I believe it is based on envy.

Of course, that tagging along doesn't mean following men into being taxi drivers or carpenters, both of which I was. It also doesn't mean following men into cigar stores, which I have seen them do, then cough and stagger out.

It does mean following men into indoor air-conditioned jobs. Yet even that is not quite right, because it doesn't apply to all women. Some end up working 12-hour overnight shifts instead of staying home with the kids. Or either they become poverty-stricken, working poorly-paid jobs at fast-food places or nursing homes. Then they have to get welfare to make ends meet - which productive workers have to involuntarily support them.

Ultimately women have cut their own throats. And wealthier women (which they became because of men) throw poorer women under the bus. And men, dumbasses that many are, have let women do these things to themselves.

A lot of women want all the advantages of being a man and a woman but don't want the responsibilities of either. The first time I told that to a women she just glared at me and didn't say a word. The man with us just looked thoughtful and said, "You know, you're right."

What would happen if women were not allowed to vote? For one thing, I doubt we'd ever have a Democratic president ever again, or many women politicians. Think the monster know as Nancy Pelosi. And if any are allowed to vote, it should only be married ones.

In fact, I cannot see a downside to women having the vote taken from them. I do see a lot of upsides, though.


mothersmurfer said...

amen to that, brother.

Anonymous said...

almost no one should be allowed to vote.

Jim said...

Agree. Also include those employed, subsidized, or living off of government as well.

Anonymous said...

I came to the same conclusion back in 1988 and when I voice it (which I have and done so with offensively frequent regularity)most people react as if I had just killed their first-born and had raped every nun in a convent.

We're surrounded by completely programmed fools. God and the few good men left, help us!

Building a Better Country said...

This may be of interest to you. It is an essay on women and voting.


Chris said...

This is hilarious! You really gave it to the dummies who believe this tripe. Nothing better than assuming the other side's position and ripping it to unholy shreds. I mean, the thought that culture or tradition doesn't play a role in how society promotes gender is stupid, isn't it? Good on you for exposing it.

Unknown said...

So because you have a dick and we dont that automatically makes you the smarter sex? Really, your going to go with that? Seriously? First off your ramblings of saying women shouldnt vote and saying it should happen, well truth is it really wont. No matter how much you talk about it, its not going to happen. So you have your freedom of speech, thats good for you, but this is for all of the American people, do you ever remember in the Decleration of Independence saying for the American men of the country to be the only ones to have rights? Because if you had daughters I dont think you would ever say, sweetie you dont deserve to vote because your to stupid to comprehend what men are talking about, so go ahead and help your mom clean. Women shouldnt vote? Would you tell your wife that? To not give your companion the one you call your soul mate and the one you profess to love, your better half, that chance? Are you daft? It doesnt matter if people know what they actually talk about or not, its still there right to find out, to be naive, to be stupid, to make rash decisions and to vote. And America will fall apart if we try to take steps backward, which were already in the process of doing in many other areas. Be positive dude, because being negative against women wont help you fix it, all you can do is vote for the person you believe is best and pray to GOD he gets in.

Unknown said...

Well, Marlena, please explain supply and demand to me, and marginally utility, and the difference between Communism and Socialism, and the advantages of a constitutional monarchy. You can't do it. And that is why you should not to be allowed to vote.

I'm surprised you didn't claim I have a tiny dick or never get laid. That's the first thing dumb women do.

Of course, you did have to mention my dick, which amuses me.

Anonymous said...

You know Bob, maybe you're just scared of the fact that in this century, men just aren't the dominant sex anymore. Your views belong to a bygone age and are worthless here in the present day. You might miss the old glory days back when men were calling the shots, but seriously, it's time to accept the current situation like a man and move on. Otherwise, you're merely an ignorant fool, an embarrassment to humankind, and a sad excuse for a man.

Jon W. said...

Anonymous, yes, you're right that men no longer call the shots. And if you haven't noticed, America (and really, all of Western society) is rapidly deteriorating before our very eyes. The entire global economy is going to crash, badly, at some point in the not so distant future, and the Marxist ideologies that women overwhelmingly subscribe to will have played a large part in it.

Unknown said...

Men created everything in the world and without men, women would still be living in grass huts. And a woman said that. And again, you do not know economics, political science, and for that matter, how to change a tire on your car.

Anonymous said...

I feel considerably less intelligent for having read that article, and the comments. Oh my God, I truly wonder how people are still so idiotic and try to format their thoughts into something that looks like a valid argument. When it's not. Not one bit.

Linda W. said...

Hi "Bob"!

My name is Linda. I am a woman. Do you want to know what else I am?

I'm Ivy League-educated. In Economics. In Political Science. In Mathematics. Triple Major, how about that? I've also received post-graduate degrees in the same fields and earned my Ph.D. Wowzah!

I gotta tell you, I'm not sure how I did it without having a penis. It was rough, doing this thing called research and field study and writing theses the length of novels. I must have, by plain dumb luck, vomited out the right sequences of words in both my papers and my oral defense to impress the men-folk just enough that they took pity on poor ol' me, a broad who wanted to play in their sandbox. What were those women doing on my juries anyway? They must've been free with the BJs to their male colleagues, amirite?

I can explain supply and demand. I can parse out the differences between Communism and Socialism (parse, verb, to break down into component parts; now you don't have to look it up!). I can do the same for supply-side versus Keynesian economics. Ditto on detailing the advantages (and disadvantages!) of a constitutional monarchy. I can also explain "marginal" utility, which shows that I can also spell and, at the very least, proofread what I write.

More things I can explain: the Laffer curve, Black-Scholes, the Gini coefficient, asymmetrical federalism, neo-Gramscianism, and Godel's theorem, to name only a few.

I can also squat nearly three times my bodyweight, bench nearly the same, and I'm willing to wager I can triple the number of one-handed pull-ups you can perform. Did I mention I'm a decorated Bosnian and Iraq war veteran? Oh yeah, I'm that, too.

Change the tire on my car? Please. I've repaired eight-ton military vehicles, too. I earned Expert Marksman rank in weapons qualifications. I've run--not walked--through mine fields under a barrage of enemy fire. I can drive stick.

How did I get this way? Parents who loved and supported me, informed me that I was in no way inferior to men, and that I could master any skill, any theory, any challenge put before me. Amazing, isn't it, how far and fast one can go when one doesn't have to fight their conditioning?

It's gauche (gauche, adj., to be trendy or in fashion--saved you more time, buddy!) for men who say similar things as you to read a background like mine and snidely comment that I must be a lesbian, what with my very obvious penis-envy. But no, I'm married, and to an equally decorated, intelligent, and fit man who isn't the least bit insecure or intimidated by my success or education. You and some of your readers might want to try it sometime, right after you see a proctologist for that unfortunate tree branch lodged in your rectum.

Here's a thought: Until YOU can match MY level of education, experience, and skill, why don't you sit on those pretty little hands of yours and let the grown-ups do the voting from now on, eh, tough guy?

Unknown said...

You still shouldn't be allowed to vote.

And I find it amusing that you've followed men around like a dog into things they've created - and can't admit it.

Linda W. said...

Yes, and just like a dog, I sniff other people's butts. A nasty habit, to be sure, but a surprisingly effective ice-breaker at mixers.

Like a dog, I can also sniff out certain things, like goalposts (something else created by men) and how they move.

Unknown said...

You don't know what you're talking about. You're a parasite on men and you just can't stand that.

Anonymous said...

This is literally the most hilarious article I've ever come across. You can't be serious, right? I mean, which tenth-century village did they pull you out of?
Man, you can't just re[eat the same BS of 'yoU DON'T KNow whAT YOur TALKing about' It makes your already weak argument even weaker if that were possible - women don't understand politics or economical science? Are you kidding me? Have you ever spoken to a woman before?
Okay, let me give you some background to this. I am a woman. I am fourteen. I have been published, have the highest grades in my YEAR group at school, debated for my county and WON, can run ten miles and you mean to tell me that there's something inherently wrong with me because of my gender? What are you suggesting I do, buddy? Give up my aspirations to make a difference and allow you and your fascist opinions lord over everyone?
It's quite funny that you've written this on a blog, because I guarantee you that if you voiced your 'opinions' to any women over the age of thirteen you'd see that perhaps we're not all as quiet as that poor woman you first oppressed.
You, my backwards friend, are the epitome of misogyny and oppression. I hope you don't ever have children, because you're surely going to infiltrate their heads with your ridiculous propaganda and actually hurt people, instead of sitting on your ass at home behind a screen.
I'm sure once you take a look outside the country club you'll see that we, the women, do not want your white privileged ideals anywhere near us
Good day.

Unknown said...

You do know your nearly illiterate, don't you?

Fourteen? You're also a liar.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? A liar?
I'm not sure you'd be able to tell, dude. Seeing as this is the internet. I don't know why I'd lie about anything I wrote. I could disprove your terrible argument anyway, no matter whether I could run ten miles (Which I can; training for my city's half marathon), Had been published, and debated for my county (In England, we have a national debating competition. I was on a team with two older guys and we spoke about Poverty, and got to the semi-finals and came fifth).
Also, you're one to talk about illiteracy - 'You do know *YOU'RE* illiterate'. Was that on purpose? Or did baby make a booboo?
Does it startle you that a fourteen year old girl has a brain in her head, buddy? Is it so hard to believe believe a teenager can form coherent sentences, sweetheart? Do I need to a get a fully grown man to explain it to you, seeing as I'm so 'illiterate'.
Is that what you're so confused about - have you tried having a vagina? I strongly advise against it. It makes women extremely weak, I don't know how we dumb, hormonal girls have survived without such deeply intelligent men like yourself. In fact, I am outraged that women aren't just slaves to men! How could we have gone BACKWARDS from the time when women married men twice their age and stayed at home to rear children - That's obviously all they're good for. It's outrageous that I can't get away with using demeaning slur and hateful language to a gender, what happened to the good old days when those blacks stayed out of parliament and kept to their maize fields and women stuck to the kitchen? I feel for you, Man. It must be so difficult being a privileged white cisgender american. You must have it so hard.

Unknown said...

You've proved my point that woman are fascist/socialist/communist.

Let's see...."cisgendered...blacks in parliment..."

You do know it's over for England, don't you? Muslims, blacks, all the rest.

Your hostility is overflowing. But then, that is the main characteristics of leftists. And blaming your problems on everyone else and never accepting responsibility for your actions.

Anonymous said...

Your existence is thanks to the dedication and production of the female anatomy. Bob Wallace you came out of a vagina. Show some respect.

Unknown said...

No, I came out a dick that used a vagina to birth me. Women are incubators and if they didn't have that ability they'd be worthless.

Anonymous said...

....you still came out of the vagina dumb ass. You were incubated and then came out of a mother fucking vagina!! Get over it!! We vote, were in politics, we own land, we can have a job, we think for ourselves! Oh my!! how scary for you big baby! Thats your new name #BIGBABYBOB! Suck my giant imaginary dick you dumb fuck!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and another thing, stop being such a whiny bitch towards women #BIGBABYBOB

Unknown said...

To Linda W. I have a question about your weight lifting claims. Are you claiming you can almost bench press three times your body weight ? That's interesting, because no woman in recorded powerlifting history has ever come close to that ratio in a powerlifting meet. Makes me a bit suspicious.